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Are you a tradesman looking to grow your business? Apply Now!

You must go through our straightforward screening process that ensures we work only with trustworthy, skilled contractors.

Before applying, make sure you meet the following criteria:
  • I am a specialist in my trade
  • I am comfortable dealing with clients, particularly if problems arise
  • I don't require any supervision and can give clients advice
  • I can provide at least three (3) references from previous clients for whom I've worked and am happy for you to contact them
  • I have all the basic tools necessary and can access any specialist tools I require for my trade
  • I have my own cell phone and am always easy to contact
  • I can go to sites around Cape Town and surrounding suburbs
  • I have access to reliable transport to get my team and equipment to the job-site without a hitch
  • I have the necessary official papers to work legally in South Africa (for foreign nationals)
  • I come from a low-income area in the Western Cape

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