About us

Renovating the building industry, one contractor at a time.

Renovating the building industry, one contractor at a time.

As much as we provide a solution to consumers and have the appearance of being a regular tech start-up, we are fundamentally a purpose-driven social enterprise.

Our social mission is what directs us:

“To help build a just and equal society by creating opportunities for people from low income communities to develop and thrive.”

Fix Forward is a non-profit social enterprise that creates opportunities for people from low-income communities to develop and thrive. We do so by giving them access to economic opportunities and providing personal and professional development support.

For the Fix Forward Programme we work with contractors (Home Pros) in the building industry, connecting them to customers and offering them access to an entrepreneur development programme. Through our latest venture, The Cleaning Fix Programme, we connect unemployed  mothers to domestic cleaning opportunities, as well as giving them access to an ecosystem of support.

How we are different

We don’t take a cent from the contractor or cleaner earnings –
zero fees on projects or bookings.

Most marketplace platforms make money by taking a margin from the service provider. We have taken a different approach, one that stems from our deep commitment to justice and human dignity. We earn revenue on The Cleaning Fix by selling locally made, eco-friendly cleaning products. In future we aim to pursue a similar model for Fix Forward.

How we started

  • In 2008 our founder, Joshua Cox, was living and working in Johannesburg. A friend from Diepsloot township, Simon, reached out to Joshua to ask for a reference letter, as he was running a small business doing tiling and paving works. Simon used the letter to win a large paving contract and kept presenting it to customers as a way to gain credibility for his small business.
  • Joshua saw the potential to provide similar support to other home pros like Simon and in 2010 launched a small pilot in Nomzamo, a township outside Somerset West in Cape Town.
  • Two years later, having proven the model, the project was formalised as a registered non-profit organisation.
  • Discover how in 2021 our latest venture, The Cleaning Fix, was started here.

Together Fix Forward and The Cleaning Fix address seven of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Governance structure & Board of Trustees

Fix Forward is a hybrid social enterprise. We have a registered non-profit trust and a private company. The company is 100% owned by the trust. We are exploring creative ownership models that will allow our beneficiaries to own a portion of the company.

Richard Thomas

Management Consultant,
Adept Advisory

Minah Koela

Executive Director, Beautiful Gate

Marli Goussard

Enterprise Development Consultant and Co-Founder of CoCREATE Hub, Stellenbosch

Joshua Cox

CEO of Fix Forward

Funding partners