Fix Forward Client Profile – Richard Thomas Pt 1

In the first of a new series of posts where we will be profiling our clients and their experiences with Fix Forward, this week we chat to recent client Richard Thomas and get his insight into the crucial decisions that need to be made when beginning a construction or renovation project. In Part 2 we check back in with Richard to find out how the project went and what he learnt from the experience.

Richard Thomas and his wife bought their house three years ago with the idea of adding value and then selling at the right time. This was inspired by his family constantly renovating whilst he was growing up, and from this Richard learnt to “buy the worst house in the best area”. The house backs on to the fields of Villagers in Claremont; and is therefore the perfect family home, central to everything.


fix forward richard thomas

Richard had big plans for his family home.

Initially Richard planned on adding another story to the house to take advantage of the mountain views, but decided against this for budgeting reasons. The main aim was to maximise the space of the property using what already existed and bringing out the best of what was already there. After conducting all his research and fine tuning his ideas, it was time to choose some contractors.

As a trustee of Fix Forward, Richard wanted to get some hands-on experience and see if the tradesmen live up to their reputations. With that in mind, his family renovation provided the perfect opportunity to put Fix Forward to the test! Check out ‘Fix Forward Client Profile – Richard Thomas Pt 2‘ to see how we did.

Richard’s Key Learnings  – Pre Construction/Renovation

  • Conduct market research into property prices in the area. What alterations are your neighbours making and how do they impact on market value?
  • Clearly define your ideas with detailed notes and reference images to show your contractor. This will help align expectations with reality.
  • Agree upon a detailed project timeline and budget with your contractor before beginning to ensure accountability and efficiency.

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