Fix Forward Client Profile – Keith Juries

This month we met up with Fix Forward client, Keith Juries, to discuss his recent home renovation project and why he chose to use a Fix Forward tradesman. Keith needed some paving done and, like any good home improver, he did his fair share of research of Cape Town pavers before he was confident that he had made the right choice.

Thanks for your time Keith. Tell us, why Fix Forward?

KR: “It’s really difficult to find reputable builders and workers that you can trust. I came across the business while on the internet searching for “pavers in Cape Town” and the helpful Fix Forward consultant put me in touch with Danny Kleinsmith, the paver who completed the project. It was a very simple process and, thanks to all of the quality checks that Fix Forward tradesmen have to go through to qualify, I was immediately confident in Danny and his ability to get the job done right.”

How did the project go?

KR: “The paving project took a week to complete and I really felt at ease throughout – the work was completed to a high standard and Danny and his team were really professional. This is in stark contrast to my previous building experiences with other suppliers, where I was constantly worried and chose to be present the entire time.”


Paving Cape Town

A job well done by Danny and team.

Would you recommend Fix Forward?

KR: “Absolutely! Firstly, the peace of mind when using a service like Fix Forward is worth it alone. You are able to view all the tradesmen profiles beforehand and are confident in the knowledge that each tradesmen was thoroughly vetted in the Fix Forward application process.

Secondly, there are the incredible benefits of the socio-economic empowerment which the business model encourages. It’s great model that allows those who are capable the opportunity to do good work.”

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