Grace & Saskia Join The Fix Forward Team

CAPE TOWN – As we prepare for a big year, we are proud to present the two newest members of the Fix Forward team –  Grace de Jager (Operations Coordinator) and Saskia Schroder (Client Services). Having both recently graduated, Grace and Saskia impressed us with their passionate enthusiasm for fostering South African entrepreneurship.

We sat down with Grace and Saskia to chat about their new roles and aspirations.

1. How did you come to work at Fix Forward? What is your background?

Grace (G): Born and raised in Cape Town, I graduated from UCT as a social worker at the end of 2017. I have always had a heart for empowering others and seeing people reach their full potential. I believe that relationship is one of the keys to enabling others and seeing people flourish, as people journey together in life. After knowing Josh and hearing about the vision of Fix Forward, I was excited to get on board!

Saskia (S): I finished studying a BSc in Genetics and Biochemistry at the end of 2017 and wanted to start working straight away. I really wanted to learn administration skills and develop myself in a business role so when I received the application manifesto for Fix Forward from a friend, I was quick to apply.

2. What is your role in the team and what traits will help you succeed?

G: Formally I am the Operations Coordinator. My role is to give input to the operational side of Fix Forward, from streamlining systems to daily tasks. In addition to this and being a part-time professional photographer and videographer, I give insight into the marketing and creative component to Fix Forward. I will also be overseeing the recruitment and training processes. I think what will help me succeed is the fact that I have a diverse set of skills, and am therefore able to operate in a few capacities which is something I really enjoy doing.

S: I am the Client Services Officer. I love administration and am an organized perfectionist. Nothing satisfies me more than to do a job to the best of my ability and ensure that everyone is happy with the final product.

3. Had you heard of Fix Forward before working there?

G: Yes, I have known Josh for a few years from our church community and so had heard what Fix Forward were doing.

S: No, but that’s not surprising as my focus was pretty much always on my studies.

4. Has anyone you know used Fix Forward or been part of the program?

G: I know a few people who have used our services, but do not know anyone who has been in the programme.

S: Not yet!


Saskia (L) and Grace (R) outside Fix Forward HQ

5. Where do you see the company going in 2018?

G: I see big things for Fix Forward this year! Knowing that we are investing more of our finances and manpower to see the business grow, I believe that we have the potential expand to other parts of South Africa and begin to become a household name in the industry.

S: I see the company really growing with the launch of the new app and with the goal of launching in Johannesburg at the end of the year. There is so much room for this company to grow and there is such a need for this kind of work in South Africa. Everyone we speak to buys into the vision of Fix Forward.

6. If you had to describe Fix Forward in under 10 words, how would you?

G: Fix Forward makes any job a joy while empowering others.

S: A company with vision to see South African businesses thrive.

7. What inspires you most about South Africa / Cape Town?

G: I love the diversity of South Africa. I am inspired by this diversity and the vision to see the divide between different South Africans broken.

S: The hope people have for the future and the potential this country has for greatness.

8. Fun fact about yourself?

G: I’m addicted to coffee. Real coffee! Not the fake stuff.

S: My dream is to manage a wine farm.

Thanks for chatting to us Grace and Saskia – all the best for a busy and successful year ahead!

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