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CAPE TOWN – In another exciting development for Fix Forward this year, we are proud to announce our new partnership with Home By Design, a full service interior design studio based in Constantia. Fix Forward founder, Joshua Cox, recently sat down with us to discuss the new partnership and the expected benefits for our tradesmen.

Fix Forward (FF): What does the partnership entail? 

Joshua Cox (JC): Home By Design offers quality kitchen and built-in cupboard design at an affordable price. As part of our long-term strategy to become the central hub for all things building, we refer potential clients who have expressed an interest in kitchen or cupboard projects to Home By Design, who then offer their design services. Once the design is complete, we pick up with the client again and get to work building their dream projects.

FF: How did the partnership come about?

JC: We get a lot of requests for kitchen refurbishments and built-in cupboards. Many of our clients have an idea of what they would like, but as the work progresses and they see the space change they often opt for changes or additions. This costs the client more money and takes longer. Home By Design is run by a good friend of mine, Sophia Roos, who worked for one of the premier kitchen design and installation companies in South Africa. Sophia is able to produce professional renders for clients that give them a good idea of what the space will look  like, before the project goes ahead. In fact, they did exactly this for my kitchen at home!

FF: How do you see this benefitting Fix Forward tradesmen?

Cabinetry is a precise art and having detailed drawings and measurements is a huge factor in ensuring that the projects run smoothly. As many people simply cannot afford to have professional drawings done it is often the case that our carpenters have to work off a basic description. This is obviously far from ideal and would result in our tradesmen having to expend extra time and energy to make the necessary corrections. By having professional plans in place from the beginning, our tradesmen are able to more accurately quote on exactly how much labour and materials are required. They are also gaining exposure to professional cabinet design, which increases their skillset as a result.


A recently completed Home By Design kitchen for a client in Cape Town.

FF: How would a customer make use of the service?

JC: At this stage it’s as simple as passing on contact details to someone who requires this  service. In time we may integrate into our own booking system, but for now we just pass on Home by Design’s contact details to the client.

FF: Are you looking to establish other such partnerships?

JC: Absolutely! We are in touch with a number of architects and have already been  referring clients who needs building plans drawn up. Up until now this has been a rather informal process, which we are looking to formalise in the next short while. We are always interested in exploring any additional services that can add value to clients.

FF: Would you be willing to accept partnership ‘requests’ or submissions?

JC: Indeed, if anyone feels they have a valuable service to potentially offer people looking to do renovations and maintenance, we encourage them to get in touch with us to discuss it further.

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