Fix Forward To Launch New Web App

CAPE TOWN – Fix Forward is delighted to announce the imminent launch of our new Web Application booking system. A critical part of our 2018 Roadmap, the application’s launch promises to take Fix Forward to the next level in terms of efficiency and customer service. Fix Forward Founder, Joshua Cox, sat down with us recently to run through the app in more detail.

FF: When will the app be launched? 

Joshua Cox (JC): We are launching the web application on the 5th of April. We’re really excited for the launch as this will make the process much simpler for clients to interact with us, improving their overall experience of using Fix Forward.

FF: What are the main features of the application? 

JC: There are several new features which we feel will really streamline the process and add great value to our customers. I’ll chat about each section in a bit more detail.

a) Booking Procedure

One of the key changes to the booking procedure is that clients will be able to give an indication of their budget for the project as well as the sub-trade. This means that for larger projects we will automatically be able to allocate builders with the right level of expertise to the job eg. full scale contractors to big building jobs and smaller teams for smaller projects. The sub-trade (eg. kitchen cupboards) also helps us to easily select the right specialist for the specific project.

b) Reviews

Clients will easily be able to review their tradesman on the platform  after the job is done.


New app? #JobDone! 

c) Payment

Payments will still happen by EFT but clients will now automatically receive invoices for payments due and will easily be able to view what payments have been made to date – particularly useful for bigger jobs where there are three or four payments during the course of the project.

d) Speed & Ease of Use

All of these features, plus a few others will increase the speed at which we can turn enquiries around. It will also give clients better sight of the project details and history without having to locate past emails from us.

FF: What stores the app will be available in? How would a customer use it?

JC: The app is in fact a web app, not a mobile app. Which means that people will still access it via our website This is helpful for people working on desktop devices, rather than mobile and it also means that people don’t need to download another app that takes us space on their phone. If people wish to they can save the website to their home screen and access it much like they would a mobile app.

FF: How you think the app will benefit Fix Forward customers and tradesmen moving forward?

At this stage the app is most useful for Fix Forward customers in that we can more easily track progress, from the moment an enquiry comes through. This means customers will be getting an even more efficient service from us. We are launching a version for the tradesmen in the next few months, which will enable tradesmen to prepare quotes directly from their phone / tablet, which will significantly speed up the quoting turnaround time.

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