Fix Forward Client Profile: Sue Kuyper

CAPE TOWN – After the successful launch of our web application and a busy week at Fix Forward HQ, we took some time to catch up with recent client Sue Kuyper to chat about her newly completed renovation and how she found the Fix Forward experience.

FF: Can you tell us about the project and why you went with Fix Forward to get the job done?

Sue Kuyper (SK): I am planning to upgrade my home in stages so that I could more easily manage the project, and so that I could find a builder I could trust without committing to use them for the whole project.

I approached various small and medium sized builders for a quote with many of them never getting back to me. Some came to view the house but never sent a quote. When I contacted Fix Forward, they got back to me straight away and I knew that they were a professional outfit I could trust.

FF: How did you hear about Fix Forward?

SK: I heard Josh being interviewed on Cape Talk and emailed them that very same day.

FF: How did you find the booking process and overall communication?

SK: The response was brilliant! Within hours of sending the initial email to Fix Forward, they replied and referred me to tradesman Shepherd Mtyatya. Shortly afterwards, Shepherd contacted me and arranged to come and view the project that same week. Within the week I had received Shepherd’s quote. As it had been so challenging to get any other quotes – and Shepherd seemed like a good person to work with – I decided to go with Fix Forward.


Fix Forward tradesman Shepherd Mtyatya

FF: What work did Shepherd do in the first phase of your project?

SK: Brickwork and plastering to restore and revitalise my aged passageway and bathroom.

FF: How did Shepherd and his team perform? Were there any challenges?

SK: Building is always a messy process but Shepherd and his team worked hard to keep the mess to a minimum and did an excellent job all round. There were no major challenges – at least none that Shepherd and his team could not easily overcome.

Read more about Shepherd and his team in the blog ‘Shepherd Mtyatya & the Fix Forward Model’

FF: Would you recommend Fix Forward to family and friends?

SK: Absolutely! The Fix Forward concept is brilliant as it quickly and easily connects the public to high quality, professional tradesmen. I would recommend Fix Forward for any building-related service.

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