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5 Common Roofing Problems and How to Fix Them

Roofing problems are often an “all or nothing” situation: something small is wrong, but you don’t notice it until it’s a huge problem. To avoid dangerous and expensive problems later on, it’s important to look out for the most common roofing problems, so you can catch them early and fix them before they’re too bad. 

Keep reading to learn about the five most common roofing problems, and what to do about them. 

Roofing problems can cause serious damage to your home. Image description: birds eye view of three rows of houses, all with the same red tile roofing.

1. Water Damage

Unfortunately, there are a lot of ways that a roof can get water damage. This means you’ve got to keep an eye out for all forms of it. If you don’t, the structural integrity of your roof might be at risk, endangering your family and all your belongings. 

Leaking is the most common type of water damage. This happens when a small hole has developed somewhere on the roof, allowing water to drip into the roof. From there, it usually pools until it damages pieces of your ceiling, and starts dripping into your home.

These holes might develop due to external damage of some kind, or simply because of the age of the roofing material and natural wear and tear. 

Close-up of moss covered wooden shingles on a roof. Waterlogging is one of the most common roofing problems.

Another common cause of water damage is when your roof gets waterlogged. This means lots of water has run onto your roof, and instead of running off, it has remained trapped on the roof. This might look like your wooden beams and shingles becoming waterlogged, causing the wood to warp and start rotting. 

Water can also get trapped between the shingles or tiles, which leads to mold growth and even some plant life taking root. An example of this would be rooftops with moss growing on them. This happens when the shingles never fully dry, so they become an easy water source for plant life. 

Proper maintenance is the best way to identify these water damage issues before they get too bad. If you spot leaks or water pooling on your roof, hire a roofing expert immediately. And even if you don’t see problems, invest in annual inspections to make sure you’re not missing anything. 

Moss growing in between the tiles on a roof.

2. Weather Damage

Extreme weather conditions can cause serious damage to your roofing. Storms with high winds and lots of rain can cause damage by wearing away the material on your roof, making it vulnerable. These are also instances where your roof has higher chances of water damage. 

But even extremely warm weather can cause problems. The heat and light of the sun can speed up the wear and tear of the materials on the roof, meaning they don’t last as long as they were intended. 

Hire a roofing expert to inspect your roof after severe weather to ensure it is still structurally sound. If there are any small issues, they can fix them immediately. 

Old brick house with tiles ripped off and scattered across the roof, presumably due to high winds. Weather damage is a common roofing problem.

3. Pests

Since you’re not going into your roof very often, it means pests love it up there. There aren’t any cats or dogs to chase them, and they’ve got lots of space where it’s warm and dark so they can breed. 

If you aren’t paying attention, these pests will breed until it’s a full infestation. And at that point, you need more than a few traps or bug bombs to get rid of them. 

Pests aren’t only an irritation, they can be dangerous! Certain pests can eat away at the materials in your roof, or create nests that block ventilation and create fire hazards. 

To avoid having an infestation on your hands, it’s best to hire pest control for regular preventative services. 

Close up of a mouse hiding next to a cardboard box.

4. Ventilation Issues

Have you ever noticed how your roof area usually feels stuffy? That’s because hot air rises, so the heat gets trapped in the top of your home. This isn’t necessarily a problem when you’ve got good ventilation, but it’s a huge hazard if you don’t. 

Good ventilation allows moisture and heat to escape, which discourages pests from settling or mould from growing. It also lets out any smoke or fumes that might be in your home, such as from your fireplace. 

As part of your regular roof maintenance, make sure you’re including checking the ventilation to make sure there is clear airflow. 

Ventilation issues are one of the most common roofing problems. Image of two ventilation grills in the wall of a roofed area.

5. Lack of Maintenance

If you live in a moderate climate and never notice any problems with your roof, that’s great! But it doesn’t mean you should relax on your maintenance. 

One of the most common problems related to roofing is simply letting the roof fall into disrepair. Without proper maintenance, the materials aren’t looked after and start to decay. But if you’re never checking on it, you don’t notice until they collapse. 

Maintenance means things like hiring someone to inspect your roof annually and making any repairs as they come up. Read this article to learn why it’s best to leave roof repair to the professionals

Old brown brick houses with brown tile roofing.

Beware of these Common Roofing Problems

The most common roofing problems are fairly small, until they’re not. This means you’ve always got to be vigilant about keeping an eye on your roof, and looking out for trouble so you can fix it immediately. 

Make sure you’re looking out for water damage and getting inspections after severe weather. Regular pest and ventilation control are also important, as well as staying on top of regular maintenance. 

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