Fix Forward is a social enterprise aimed at creating opportunities for contractors from lower income areas. Founded in 2012 by Josh Cox the company has since serviced more than 5000 happy clients and trained more than 250 contractors.

Shedding some light on Fix Forward

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“The inspiration to start Fix Forward came after I helped Simon, a friend from Diepsloot township,” explains Josh. “He runs a small business doing building renovations, and asked me to write him a reference letter and make business cards for him. These simple tools, and the added credibility, enabled him to secure significantly more clients. I realised that similar support given to other contractors could have a real impact.” - Josh Cox, Founder & CEO

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Construction is an industry that holds enormous opportunities for people in low-income communities: the potential to build businesses and create jobs is huge. “I’m passionate about creating opportunities for people like Simon to thrive,” says Josh. “I think being an outsider, new to the industry, has enabled me to build a business without sticking to the ways that things have always been done. We do things that make sense for the customer and the contractor.”

The social enterprise is fueled by empowerment. “Almost every day we get messages from contractors wanting to sign up,” says Josh. “We do our best to accommodate them, but they don’t always fit the criteria and we don’t always have space. Our entrepreneur programme is funded by corporates and all contractors must go through the 4 week business training before they can receive leads from us.”

“If Fix Forward were to become wildly successful commercially, but had left a trail of unhappy customers and exploited contractors in our wake, we would have failed.”

What sets Fix Forward apart is their focus on the contractor and the customer. “We see ourselves as servants of these two groups and do whatever we can to live that out,” explains Josh. 

Why stick with Fix Forward?

Driven by genuine social purpose, we are committed to changing lives through building a trustworthy community of expert contractors whose work ethic match our own.

Client satisfaction

We ensure that all jobs run smoothly by providing guidance to all parties involved, throughout every project.

Excellent quality

Our trained contractors work hard to ensure that jobs are completed on time, within budget and to the highest possible standard.


Our loyal relationships with contractors and great customer reviews help keep our contractors responsible & accountable.

Affordable quotes

You get up to three quotes from our contractors to compare, and we offer advice to help you and the contractor arrive at a fair price for each job.

Supporting entrepreneurs

to develop and thrive


from our contractors

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