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Alfred: growing in confidence

Alfred is one of our brilliant plumbers, and we have been fortunate enough to be part of his business journey for the last four years.  We’ve watched Alfred go from what he calls a “backdoor plumber” doing odd jobs here and there, to servicing large factories professionally.  Alfred’s growth showcases what is possible through hard work, determination, and a little support from us.  We couldn’t be prouder.  And so, it is Alfred’s success that we celebrate and share today.

Before Fix Forward:

Alfred had attempted to run his plumbing business for a year prior to joining us.  He describes his operation as “backdoor”, small and more of a hand to mouth set-up than a professional business. “It was very tough.  I was about to give up before I found Fix Forward,” says Alfred.

However, that quickly changed!

Fix Forward workshops:

Alfred talked about how our workshops and skills development program helped him create the professional business of his dreams.  “When I joined Fix Forward, they helped me register my business and taught me how to improve professionally, how to be more efficient, how to quote, and how to deal with clients. Basically, they taught me how to run a professional and efficient business,” says Alfred.

Networking with other contractors:

Aside from the practical help, Alfred mentions too how networking with the other contractors at our workshops inspired him to think bigger. “I expanded my business from just plumbing because the other contractors I met where offering a lot of services.  Meeting them opened my mind to expanding my business and offering clients more,” says Alfred.  Alfred has also collaborated with other Fix Forward contractors, who he has sub-contracted on some of his jobs.

Servicing large factories:

Aside from serving household clients, Alfred also services large factories. Currently Alfred is based in Ottery, where he services 15 of the factories on Shawcamp road.  He has done other big projects similar to this, and has done plumbing and maintenance for both Pioneer foods and Marc Adams.

“My confidence went up since I joined Fix Forward.  That confidence has allowed me to grow and take on big jobs,” says Alfred, who now boasts a very impressive resume.

We have loved watching Alfred grow his business, and indeed his confidence and self-belief too.  By using a Fix Forward contractor, you are enabling our contractors to dream big, and more importantly supporting them to achieve those dreams. Book a contractor and help us turn their dreams in to reality.

You’re in good company