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Bad versus good brickwork – what to look out for

We recently caught up with Fanie, one of our longest standing contractors, on his latest big build.  This is a project that he took over from another builder, who was dismissed by the client for poor brickwork.  Below are some useful warning signs of bad brickwork that Fanie gave us to look out for.

1. Bowing in your brickwork

This can cause issues with the corners of your walls. The constant pressure put on the corners can weaken the structure. If ignored, the wall may start to crack. From there, bricks may start becoming loose and even dislodged.

2. Visible gaps between bricks

This indicates an issue with the overall quality of the brickwork. While this problem may not cause issues at first, it can eventually lead to weakened brickwork.

3. White powder on the bricks

If you spot a thin layer of white powder on your bricks, don’t assume the bricks are just dusty. White powder on bricks can be caused by a build-up of too much moisture on the brick.  Over time, if the issue is not corrected, then the bricks will grow weak and may eventually start to crumble.

4. Defects due to incorrect mixing and proportioning of mortar

This is largely done as a cost-cutting mechanism, especially if a builder has underquoted and begins to run out of materials. The use of high sand to cement ratio can result into a weak mortar, which impacts the structural integrity of your home.

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