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Beat the Heat: Best Fans for Hot Weather

Summer is fast approaching, and figuring out how to stay cool is a struggle we find ourselves facing every year. If you don’t have a swimming pool or air conditioning, a fan is your best option. But figuring out what type of fan you want can be a bit tricky when you realise how many options there are. 

Keep reading to learn more about your options when it comes to the best fans for hot weather. 

best fans for hot weather - person behind a curtain getting a massage, with a fan blowing to keep them cool

Ceiling Fans

Even though ceiling fans are sometimes viewed as old-fashioned, they’re some of the most efficient options for cooling down a room. 

Hot air rises, so when you walk into the room you feel the heat around your body and head. When the ceiling fan is on it keeps the air flowing and makes it harder for the heat to gather. If you leave windows and doors open, then this type of fan is a great way to push hot air out of the room. 

Another benefit of these fans is that they’re big, but don’t take up much space. Since they’re higher than most people’s heads, you don’t even feel a difference in the amount of space you have in the room. Ceiling fans are the best combination of a large and effective fan, while also not taking up a whole lot of space. 

The only problem with ceiling fans is that they’re not easy to install. They usually come with an attached light fixture, and you’ve got to swap out the light fitting. But this doesn’t need to be a hassle if you hire an electrician to handle the installation. 

close up of a white ceiling fan

Standing Fans

Standing fans are the easiest option, since you can buy them and place them anywhere. The most inconvenient thing about them is usually trying to hide the cables or find extension leads so you have more distance to move them. 

These fans are usually adjustable in both their height and speed. But since they’re smaller, they aren’t as good at cooling an entire room. There are also smaller versions of these which are not height-adjustable, and can either stand on the floor or be placed on tables. 

Standing fans are a great option to point at a task area where people are wanting to cool down. For example, if you’re sitting on the couch and it’s very hot, you might point the standing fan at the couch. 

Some standing fans can be left on swing, meaning they slowly change direction from left to right. This can make a small difference in cooling down a room. 

best fans for hot weather - wide shot of standing fan next to a leather chair, coffee table in foreground

Desk Fans

Most of us don’t have the luxury of taking off the entirety of the summer months. That means that you’re probably spending a good amount of summer sitting at your desk and fighting the heat. 

Desk fans are a great way to help with this. Especially in an office environment where a standing desk might not be an option, desk fans can make a huge difference. 

These battery-operated or USB-connected fans are small and quiet, but create a strong breeze for you. Sit them on your desk and point them towards yourself (and away from any loose pages!) and you’ll be cooling down in no time. 

small desk fan next to a coffee cup to show it's scale

Mounted Fans

Mounted fans are a combination of ceiling and standing fans. They usually take the shape of standing fans (smaller blades that create a stronger airflow, with a circular casing around them). 

These fans are typically mounted onto the corners of spaces. These spaces are usually exposed to the outdoors, such as on patios or rooms that get opened up when the weather is good. These rooms usually have a roof, but no central lighting fixture.

Mounted fans work in these semi-outdoor spaces because they don’t take up space, but they only need a plug to work. 

The only problem is that these fans can be quite heavy, especially if you want them to swing. You might also need to rework the wiring if you don’t have plugs in the right spot. 

best fans for hot weather - fan mounted to tree

Frequently Asked Questions about Finding the Best Fans for Hot Weather

What are the main types of fans I can choose from?

The main types of fans you can use to keep cool are ceiling fans, standing fans, desk fans, and mounted fans. 

How do I find the best fans for hot weather?

Think about the space or room you’re trying to cool down. Consider how much physical space there is, which will tell you how big the fan can be. Then think about how efficient the fan needs to be – is it cooling the entire room, or just a small space?

short standing fan on a kitchen island

I have a fan but it doesn’t reach the plug, now what?

Extension leads are a great way to give yourself options with standing fans and mounted fans. Figure out where you want the fan to go, then if it’s too far away from the plug you can fill the distance with an extension lead. 

The only problem is that extension leads aren’t too pretty. They’re also a tripping hazard. Either get creative with covering the extension cables, or hire an electrician to redo some wiring for you to move the plug somewhere more convenient. 

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Using the Best Fans for Hot Weather

Now that you know about the best fans for hot weather, you can make sure you’re keeping cool this summer!

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