Find the best contractor for your project.

Our refined carpenters can make wood work for you

We can connect you with up to 3 skilled carpenters perfectly suited to plane through your particular carpentry project.

Our experienced contractors are carpenters by trade. For years, they have been building walls and fences, kitchen cupboards, built-in cupboards, decking, skirting, cornices and eaves. They intrinsically understand wood, and how to work it beautifully.

Carpentry projects we handle:

  • Walls/fences
  • Kitchen cupboards
  • Built in cupboards
  • Decking
  • Eaves
  • Skirtings
  • Cornices

How we work

How does Fix Forward work?

  • Complete a quick online form with your job request.
  • We connect you to multiple contractors to quote.
  • Choose which contractor to work with and pay them directly.
  • Review your contractor at the end of the job.


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