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Brains: a sense of belonging

“Fix Forward is my home.  Being part of Fix Forward has given me a sense of belonging,” says contractor Brains.

About Brains

Brains began his construction journey many moons ago in 2005.  He, as many do, found it hard with no formal support structure and many odds against him.  Despite this he persevered and officially registered his company in 2008.

It is this tenacity and perseverance that shines through when you meet Brains.  His passion and determination are unmatchable. They make us proud to have him as part of the Fix Forward family.

Brains speaks about joining Fix Forward:

“Fix Forward is my home.  My life was a mess before,” says Brains rather emphatically.  Although this is not entirely true, and Brains accomplished a lot on his own, he has benefitted tremendously from the Fix Forward development workshops and individual coaching. This framework for success has aided Brains in accomplishing some of his bigger dreams.

“The workshops have helped me so much.  My business has grown professionally, and I am now a professional.  Fix Forward has opened my mind” says Brains.  “Within two weeks having attended the Fix Forward sessions my car was branded, and my business is now out there,” says Brains, who now understands the importance of building a strong brand.

Brains further explains that over and above the practical assistance he has received, that the support that Fix Forward has provided has helped him grown too. “Being part of FF has given me a sense of belonging.  It has made me fight harder for my future”.

Up and up – leaving a legacy:

Brains has five children and a wife, whom he supports through his construction business.  He is busy passing down his learnings from Fix Forward to his older son, who he says has also become more focused and driven as a result.  He sees his business as a legacy he can leave behind for his family, and this motivated him all the more to continue building his brand.

Join us!

“I don’t think you guys realise how much the world needs Fix Forward,” says Brains who has seen first-hand the benefits of our platform.

“Now that I know how beneficial Fix Forward is, it would be selfish not to share it with my brothers and sisters.  I encourage all contractors who need some help to join,” says Brains.

So go on, join us!  Soon it will be your success story we share with the world.

Join us.

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