Home Improvements

Brick by brick: creating job opportunities

John and his team are mowing along with their rather big renovation project, the most recent component of the project being paving the pool area and driveway of this Pinelands home.

It comes at a good time too. As we move out of hibernation mode and into warmer weather, outdoor entertainment areas begin to creep on to our radar again. Not only are they excellent spaces to gather and enjoy the fresh outdoors, but they double up as a good investment. Imagine all the warm summer braais that John’s clients are soon to enjoy!

In one of our recent newsletters we spoke about the benefits of creating functional outside areas, and this project has hit the nail on the head.

Paving this area has:

  • Expanded the living space.
  • Allows the client to enjoy additional entertaining options.
  • Increased the home’s value.
  • And has made a previously somewhat shabby back garden aesthetically pleasing!

Catching up with John throughout this project has been exciting, as each new aspect has breathed fresh life and possibility into this home. Watching John grow in confidence over the years and seeing him take on big long-term projects like this one has been inspiring. John’s confidence, however, is not the only thing that’s grown. His team has expanded over the years and he now employees an impressive ten workers.

Fix Forward’s ripple effect: creating employment opportunities for many

“I see The Urban Developers to empower people.  I like to hire individuals from previously disadvantaged communities and upskill them through my business.  This way I can provide career and job opportunities to those who need them most.  To date, I have actively upskilled and trained ten workers through my business.  It has been a rewarding journey,” says John.

It is growth like this that makes us believe in our Fix Forward model. Empowering Fix Forward contractors to thrive not only helps the individual contractor, but it has a long-lasting ripple effect. Entrepreneurship and businesses like John’s are integral in providing employment opportunities for all.

By booking a vetted Fix Forward contractor, not only will you get an excellent service, but you will also be playing your part in building a better South Africa. Brick by brick.


You’re in good company