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Built in cupboards for your bedroom

Ample cupboard space is an essential part of any well-designed home, as it allows for a delightfully clutter-free environment. Investing in good quality, well-designed cupboards will however not only allow you to have ample storage space, but it will also increase the re-sale value of your home.  This is because good cupboards are seen as a major plus to future byers. Here at Fix Forward we know them to be the gift that keeps on giving, and so for this blog post we will focus specifically on bedroom cupboards, and why we think this is an area worth investing in.

Built in Wardrobes

While built in cupboards may be a little more expensive than some alternatives, they have lots of benefits and are certainly worth the investment. If space and money allow, a built-in wardrobe is something you will simply never regret.  There is nothing more classic and functional than a built-in wooden cupboard. We love how they seamlessly blend with your room, as opposed to jutting out like free standing cupboards. What’s more is our expert carpenters can build bespoke cupboards to match the space available perfectly, giving you that perfectly seamless and elegant look.

Aesthetics aside, built in cupboards are also a favourite here at Fix Forward because they are robust, durable, and hard wearing, making them excellent value for money. They also allow for you to have all your clothes and accessories in one place and make getting ready a pleasure.  Built in wardrobes are also a great investment for the neat freaks, and allergy prone amongst us.  As they are floor to ceiling, they do now allow for the built up of dust on top or underneath, making them very low maintenance to keep clean.  This feature also makes them incredibly space effective.

A fun idea:

We often find that window space is poorly utilised in bedrooms.  Think about it: how many rooms have you seen with a whole wall standing empty, except for a single window?  We do get it; widows are great, and everyone loves a well-lit room.  We are not saying windows should go. But we are suggesting cupboards that are built around your window.  This way our expert carpenters can bring you the best of both worlds.  You will still get that gorgeous natural lighting without having to sacrifice storage space.

Have we inspired you?  Book one of our contractors and discuss how you can get the built-in cupboards of your dreams.  Our highly skilled contractors will be able to construct bespoke cupboards to maximize your space.

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