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Cassiem – Building confidence

“My experience with Fix Forward has been awesome. The most beneficial thing that Fix Forward has helped me with is confidence” says Cassiem.

Cassiem joined Fix Forward in March 2018, and a lot has changed for him since.  “I didn’t start out with anything – I didn’t even have a car yet.  Three years later and I now have my own car and bakkie” says Cassiem.  It has been wonderful watching Cassiem’s business grow to become the successful operation it now is. On top of that it has been delightful watching Cassiem’s confidence improve with each job.

Gaining confidence

Whilst Cassiem was initially shy and unsure of himself, he now handles multiple projects simultaneously and deals with his clients in a confident and professional manner.

“I remember the first job I got phoned for. It was quite big, and I was overwhelmed with the pricing. I remember I went to Josh and just the reassurance he gave me really helped… with that confidence I went there and gave the people a price and struck a really big job” says Cassiem. Since that first job it’s been up and up for Cassiem.

Equipping our contractors with the necessary skills to run small businesses.

Cassiem notes how the quoting workshop in particular helped him feel more comfortable in his business.   Our training sessions are integral to the Fix Forward model.  At these sessions we teach our contractors a variety of things including:

  • How to run a self-sufficient, profitable, and professional business
  • Goal setting and planning
  • Professionalism and marketing
  • Financial management

Cassiem’s favourite project

Cassiem began his construction journey in 1990 and with 30 years of experience now he has completed his fair share of projects. His favourite project to date remains the very first job he did via Fix Forward.

“The project was for G4S security solutions.  I waterproofed a whole roof for them.  I also did some ceilings for them. One thousand and fifteen ceilings in fact.  It was quite a big job” says Cassiem.

Recommending Fix Forward

“All the small contractors that don’t know how to do things give them a call and they will assist you – I promise they will assist you” says Cassiem.

We are glad to have been part of Cassiem’s journey and are always looking for new skilled contractors to take on board.  New contractors can apply here: https://fixforward.com/become-refer-a-contractor.

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