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Change How Your Space Is Viewed With a Painted Focal Point

Are you tired of feeling cramped in your living space? The good news is that you don’t need to knock down walls to make your rooms feel bigger. What if I told you that you can transform your space and make it feel larger and more inviting by only using paint? In this guide, we’ll explore how to make your space feel and look larger by using paint, creating a focal point, and using colour strategically. Get ready to be inspired!

The Power of a Focal Point

Creating focal points is one key aspect of changing how your space is perceived. These areas draw attention and can divert the eyes from the room’s actual size. Choose a wall or an architectural element, such as a fireplace or a large window, as your focal point.

When selecting the focal point, consider the function of the room. In a living room, it might be a beautiful piece of artwork or a statement wall, while in a bedroom, it could be an accent wall behind the bed.

Choosing the Right Colors

Now that you’ve identified your focal point, it’s time to think about colours. Light colours, like whites, creams, and light blues, can make a space feel more open and airy. Consider using these tones on walls, ceilings, and even furniture to create a seamless and spacious look.

Go bold with a contrasting colour or a vibrant hue for your focal point. This draws the eye and adds interest without overwhelming the space. Remember, simplicity is key, so don’t be afraid to keep to a limited colour palette to maintain a cohesive and spacious feel.

Texture Matters 

Introduce the idea of using textured paints or wallpapers strategically. Textures create depth and can add an extra dimension to your walls. Consider using textured finishes on your focal point wall or in areas with more natural light. This subtle addition can contribute to the overall perception of space.



Vertical Stripes for Height

For rooms with lower ceilings, vertical stripes can be a game-changer. Paint one wall with vertical stripes to draw the eyes upward. This creates the illusion of higher ceilings. Stick to lighter colours for the stripes to maintain a spacious feel.

Create an Accent Ceiling

Remember the ceiling!  Think about painting the ceiling a lighter shade than the walls to give the impression of height. Alternatively, use bright colours to make a statement and add personality to the room. 

Use Paint to Define Zones

In open-concept spaces, use paint to define different zones within a room. This helps to visually separate areas without the need for physical barriers. Experiment with subtle colour variations or create a statement wall to distinguish each zone.

Paint all the trim in the room the same colour as the walls to eliminate dividing lines. This small detail gives the perception of a larger, continuous space.

Embrace the Power of Neutrals

Neutral colours are timeless and versatile. Incorporate various shades of beige, grey, or taupe to create a serene and expansive atmosphere. Neutrals also allow you to experiment with pops of colour through accessories without overwhelming the space.

Other Ways to Make a Room Look Bigger

Appropriate lighting can make a room feel more spacious. Maximize natural light by choosing light-coloured window treatments. Additionally, strategically place artificial lighting to illuminate dark areas and enhance the overall brightness of the room.

Incorporate mirrors with painted frames to reflect light and complement the overall colour scheme, adding to the sense of spaciousness.

Choose furniture in similar tones to the wall colour to create a harmonious blend, minimizing visual disruptions.

Focal Point: Paint and Space

Changing how your space is viewed doesn’t always require major renovations. Incorporating these simple paint techniques can make your room feel larger, brighter, and more welcoming. If you are ready to start painting that focal point,  Fix Forward can help.  Visit our website today and book one of our professional painters for a top-notch job.

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