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Charles: a humanitarian approach

Meet Charles, one Fix Forward’s roofing experts.  From humble beginnings to a business that employs ten tradesmen, Charles has stuck with his vision through thick and thin.  We are honoured to join him on his journey.

Humble beginnings, and a humanitarian approach

Charles began his business venture many moons ago, with a sub-par vehicle, borrowed tools and a dream.  It’s been a long and rewarding journey since, and Charles is now the proud owner of a business that employs ten tradesmen.

Aside from his financial success, Charles has used his business to empower members from his neighborhood in Mitchell’s plain.  “I see a lot of the youngsters walking around with absent fathers and nothing to do, and that breeds gangsterism,” says Charles.  “I am trying to draw them in to my business and upskill them so that they too can be contractors one day.”

Charles’ large heart and pay it forward attitude are what set him apart, and this shines through in all his relationships.  His altruistic cause is but one of the few reasons we are honoured to support him on his journey.

Over thirty years’ experience

Charles is a specialist when it comes to roofing and his company has specialised in roofing services for just over a decade now.  However, his experience exceeds his company’s registration. “I am sitting with experience and expertise that could easily be in the region of thirty years combined,” says Charles, who explains that he was practicing his craft long before he got his business officially registered.

Aside from the wealth of knowledge that Charles brings to every project, he is joined by a team of highly skilled tradesmen.  “My core team has mostly been with me for plus minus seven to eight years, and they have a lot of experience in the trade,” says Charles.

Going forward with Fix Forward

“I am very excited about joining Fix Forward.  They have been very beneficial and have helped me a lot with the administration issues that I have been struggling with,” says Charles.  Specifically, Charles mentioned how he often used to short-change himself with his quoting system. However, thanks to our Financial planning workshop he has been bettering his system. “Rome wasn’t built in a day and it’s going to take some time, but I am very thankful to have Fix Forward helping me,” says Charles.

We look forward to watching Charles continue to grow, as he goes from strength to strength. Contractors like Charles are the inspiration behind what we do.  By supporting Charles, you are not only getting your construction needs met, but you are supporting a dream, and a community.

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