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Checking in with Cleo – Fix Forward’s Expert Waterproofer

“Fix Forward has been there from the beginning to now. I don’t want to lie, I am not exaggerating or something, this is the truth.  They have been with me and backed me from the very beginning,” says Cleo.

About Cleo

Cleo is one of our beloved Fix Forward contractors. He offers a variety of services including waterproofing and roofing.  He also does ceiling work and painting. Cleo’s current operation employs six workers, who help him across various projects. The road to get there however, was not without a little help.

“Before joining Fix Forward it was so hard” says Cleo.  Struggling for clients Cleo often found himself in between jobs and without work.  This began to change when Cleo joined Fix Forward allowing him greater access to clients.  “Marketing is not something that is easy to do if you are not financially equipped and don’t know where to market” explains Cleo.  “Fix Forward has helped me a lot in finding clients”.

With a steady stream of jobs to keep the income flowing Cleo was able to focus on other things and grow his business. .  Fix Forward provided other support which also boosted his growth.  “They taught us how to run a business, even from how to quote…. I was taking lessons once a month for about a year… It has been so helpful” says Cleo.

The fruits of these lessons are evident in not only Cleo’s personal growth and professionalism but in his business growth.

“I started this when I was a one-man band, but now we are about six guys.  So Fix Forward has allowed me to employ other people and create more jobs” boasts Cleo proudly.  “Fix Forward they helped me be who I am today”.

And wow, are we proud of who Cleo is today.  He leaves us with happy and satisfied clients time and time again. We couldn’t be prouder of the entrepreneur he has grown in to.  Should you need any waterproofing or ceiling work done Cleo is your man, no doubt about it.  Why not invest in this talented hardworking individual.  We are sure glad that we did!

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