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DIY Roof Repair: Why It’s a Bad Idea

If your roof starts leaking or you see a loose shingle, you might consider fixing it yourself. A temporary patch job until professionals can take a look is a good idea to keep the damage minimal, especially if the weather isn’t playing along. 

But when it comes to your roof, you shouldn’t cut corners. Roof replacements and repairs can be extremely costly, so a DIY roof repair might seem like a good option. 

But if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can end up creating more damage, and even injuring yourself along the way.

When it comes to home repairs, there are some tasks you just shouldn’t consider taking on. Roof repair is one of them. Keep reading to find out more about the dangers of DIY roof repairs. 

A tall steeply sloped roof with orange tiles, looking a little worse for wear. Do not attempt a DIY roof repair on this.

You Can Get Injured

Falling from the roof is one of the biggest dangers when it comes to a DIY roof repair. When you’re on a roof, the height paired with the stronger winds can lead to dangerous circumstances.

Using safety equipment is a must when working on such a dangerous project. Professionals have the right safety equipment, you do not. 

window opening onto a roof of overlapping orange tiles, it looks dangerous

Poor Workmanship

You can read every roof repair article and watch as many YouTube videos as you like, but roofs are extremely complex systems. Not only will you need to pinpoint the damage, but you also have to figure out the best way to fix it without causing more damage.

Doing it yourself can also take much longer than it would take a professional. The longer you leave the damage, the more it can spread.

If you use the wrong tools and materials, you can also end up causing more harm than good. Without proper training, your patch job will be visible to the naked eye, and there can still be invisible damage.

ladder leaning against side of house, a man standing on the roof with his back turned to viewer, inspecting the roof

DIY Can End up Costing You More

DIY projects are usually done in the hope of saving some money. While there are some home repair and improvement DIY projects that are perfect for this, roof repairs aren’t. 

If you’ve never fixed a roof before, you most likely won’t have the necessary equipment. For example, ladders that reach your roof or scaffolding for more intense repair jobs aren’t things most people have in their garages. You would have to buy all of this equipment to do the job properly. 

Add in the actual roofing material, and you’ll have racked up quite the bill. And this is assuming you do the job properly – if you make mistakes, you’re going to have to hire a professional to come in and fix it anyway! 

In this case, hiring a roofing contractor to take care of the job for you will be simpler and cheaper overall. 

double story white house with scaffolding all around it

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dangers of doing a DIY roof repair?

Working on a roof is a dangerous task. Simply building scaffolding or using ladders at those heights can have deadly consequences if done improperly. Add in the heavy equipment that might be needed, and you have a recipe for disaster on your hands.

To safely complete a roof repair, you need the knowledge and skills that come with working on roofs every day.

Why should I hire a roofing contractor?

Not only will your contractor know what materials are best to use, but they’ll also have all the right tools and equipment to get the job done. Your roof is a complex structure; what you see on the outside is just the tip of the iceberg. 

A roofing contractor will ensure all the layers of your roof are in good condition. They’ll also save you a lot of money in the long run. 

DIY roof repair is a bad idea: ladder propped against the post under an outdoor roof

Let Professionals Handle Your Next Roof Repair

At even the best of times, working on a roof is a dangerous task. If your roof has been damaged, then the risk is even higher. 

Save your budget and avoid unnecessary risks by hiring a professional roofing contractor instead of attempting a DIY roof repair. Click here to get in touch with one. 

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