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DIY vs Contractor: When to Call for Help

Making repairs and changes to your home can be an expensive endeavour, so looking for ways to save money is only natural. Do it yourself (DIY) projects are the perfect way to ensure you get what you want without breaking the bank. But not every project is one you can DIY!

For some home repair and renovation projects it might be better and easier to hire a professional. Keep reading to learn more about how to choose between DIY and hiring a pro.

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When You Can Try to DIY

If it’s a small project that doesn’t require hard-to-learn skills you can definitely attempt to DIY. 

While you always need to do research before you start your home renovation project, it’s important to pick a project that won’t take hours of research before you can even start. If you need more than a few hours of research, it’s probably too big a job to DIY. 

Painting your home is a good example of a project that you can do yourself. If you’re willing to watch some tutorials, find out more about your paint choices, and ask paint sellers for advice, then you can easily do this project by yourself.

You also need to make sure you have enough patience for a DIY project. Chances are you’ll make a few small mistakes, like not buying enough products, or not waiting for paint to dry before trying to continue working. 

When attempting to DIY a project you need to factor in extra time in case it isn’t perfect on the first try.

If you’re attempting a more complex project, you also need to make peace with the fact that there’s a chance it won’t turn out as well as it would have if you hired help. The cost you save by doing it yourself must be weighed against the expertise of a professional. 

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When It’s Best to Hire a Professional Contractor

Some home repair and maintenance projects can have serious consequences if they aren’t done correctly. If a mistake can make your home unsafe, like faulty electrical wiring, then it’s better to hire an electrician for the job. 

Professional contractors will not only have the skills, tools, and experience to complete the project, they will usually also have insurance for their work. So if the project could affect your family’s wellbeing, or lead to costly repairs, you should always hire a reputable contractor rather than DIY.

Many home renovation projects, like electrical or structural work, will require permits. This is a sign that you’ll need specialised knowledge and skills, so it’s an immediate signal to hand the project over to a professional.

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Frequently Asked Questions – DIY

Should I Even Try to Learn How to DIY?

Knowing how to repair and maintain your home is an invaluable skill. If you have the time and energy to learn these skills, you’ll benefit from them in the long run. 

You can also ask your contractor for tips and tricks to help you understand how these projects work.

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What if I Don’t Know if The Job Requires a Professional?

The easiest way to know if you need to hire a professional is to answer these questions:

  • Will I hurt myself?
  • Can I accidentally damage my house?
  • Do I need a permit to do this?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to hire a professional.

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I Already Started a DIY Project, Can I Still Hire Help? 

While it might be easier to hire them from the get go, if you find yourself in over your head with a DIY project, you can hire a contractor to help you complete your projects. 

The contractor might decide the work you’ve already done needs to be scrapped, but they’ll salvage anything if they can.

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Home Repairs and Renovations Made Easy

Home repairs and renovations can take a lot out of you, especially if you do it yourself. You might learn a new skill, but if it isn’t worth your time and effort, you won’t appreciate your new knowledge.

So skip the hassle, and hire an experienced contractor to do the work for you. Doing this will ensure the job is done correctly the first time and you won’t have to deal with all the mess and stress.

You’re in good company