Social Impact

Empowering contractors to thrive

“I come from the school of knowledge and experience. I have always had a passion for training because I have always loved engaging with people.”

Nicky, The Clothing Bank NGO: How to be an Entrepreneur

Inspiring entrepreneurs with experience

Nicky’s talent and passion was evident from an early age. Fresh out of school she began working with a youth empowerment organization, and her background in the corporate world of finance and running her own conference company has given her real world experience as an entrepreneur. She now works at The Clothing Bank, an NGO that empowers unemployed South Africans to become financially and socially independent.

“I’m deeply passionate about empowering my fellow South Africans,” explains Nicky. “I believe that no matter our cultural or social backgrounds, we are all destined for greatness.”

Interactive training

Nicky conducts various training courses with Fix Forward contractors, such as Me & My Money (M3) and How to be an Entrepreneur. This course includes:

  • How to run a self-sufficient, profitable and professional business
  • Goal setting and planning
  • Professionalism and marketing
  • Finance

Nicky describes her specific style of training as “edu-taining”.  Should you be lucky enough to attend one of her workshops you’ll see just what she means – her courses are captivating, fun and interactive. These information-packed courses have proved invaluable to our contractors, who have benefited greatly from her knowledge and support.

Networking opportunity

One of the things our contractors love most about these interactive courses is getting to network. The training sessions offer an opportunity to create their own community as contractors within Fix Forward. Each Fix Forward contractor is also assigned a mentor to walk the journey with them, and provide ongoing support and advice post-training.

We have loved watching our contractors grow and flourish under Nicky’s training and cherish the community we are empowering.

Feedback from our contractors

“They taught us how to run a business, even from how to quote…. I was taking lessons once a month for about a year… It has been so helpful!” Cleo.

“It would have been difficult for me to manage my own business if I didn’t get all the skills that I got from Fix Forward…” Jesmosi

“Fix Forward helped me learn how to run my business professionally. They helped me learn how to run two or three projects at the same time. They taught me how to manage my business, how to strategize about buying material, and paying labour, all that. Before I was just working random, you know, as it goes. Now things are a lot better!” Learnmore.

You’re in good company