Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

Do home pros work for Fix Forward?

No, they don’t. All our home pros are independent and run their own businesses. Fix Forward provides entrepreneur training and connects them to additional business to supplement their own client base. The workmanship, costing, timelines, etc. are their sole responsibility.

Will Fix Forward assist if there are problems?

Any complaints or issues must be dealt with directly with the home pro. Fix Forward will not be held responsible, or be a mediator for complaints. If any valid complaints or continual issues arise from home pros that are booked through Fix Forward, that particular home pro will be removed from our platform.

How do we screen people?

We use a rigorous screening process to assess the reliability of each home pro and the quality of their work.

This screening process includes:

  1. An application form
  2. A telephone interview to  gauge experience and communication skills
  3. Client reference calls. Before we accept a home pro as part of Fix Forward, we speak to at least three past clients
  4. A one-one-one interview


What cities does Fix Forward cover?

We currently operate in the greater Cape Town area as well as Gauteng, with plans to expand into other areas in the near future.

Hiring a home pro

Can I get an estimate over the phone?

Because each situation is unique and often difficult to describe accurately over the phone, our home pros will generally have to visit your premises before you receive a quote. It’s important for the home pro to do a site visit so that they can quote accurately. Thereafter the quotes are emailed. If it’s a small electrical or plumbing job charged at an hourly rate, the home pro will be able to tell you their rate over the phone.

Do the home pros have their own transport?

Many home pros have their own vehicles. All of those who don’t do have access to transport and so you needn’t collect or drop off them or their team. 

Do the home pros have all the tools they need?

All our home pros own the basic tools of their trade. If any specialist tools are required which they do not own, they will be able to hire them.

Will the home pro always be on-site themselves?

Some of our home pros do run multiple contracts and therefore might not be on-site all of the time. We do ask them to be sufficiently on-site to make sure their team is working well and to answer any questions or concerns you have. We suggest that before the contract commences you check with your home pro when they will be on-site during the project.

Can the home pro also get materials for me or is it labour only?

Our home pros can arrange to purchase materials for you. There is a time and transport cost associated with this which would be built into their overall quotation.

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