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Felix: a professional and honest business

Felix is the proud manager of a construction centre in Johannesburg.  Through this center he employs a whopping 17 people! This includes builders, electricians, plumbers and even an architect.  He began this center in 2015 and hasn’t looked back since.  “We’ve had some challenges of course, but we never gave up,” explains Felix. We are delighted to have Felix on board and look forward to helping him take that next big step.

About Felix

Interestingly, and certainly unexpectedly, Felix began his working life as a credit manager.  Before he launched his construction center he was employed by another construction company as their credit manager.  Felix explains that although he was happy in this occupation, building was his true calling and something he wished to follow. “My father was a builder, so it was always my thing,” he explains. And so, in 2015 Felix made the bold move to follow this dream, and the construction world is richer for it.

Felix’s latest project:

Felix regularly delivers excellent projects to his clients, and his latest entertainment area was no exception. “It’s so beautiful that I put it on my status, and clients that I’ve dealt with before saw the status and started enquiring about also getting one,” says Felix.  We can’t say we’re surprised – the images speak for themselves.

Joining Fix Forward:

Things have started to flow properly since I’ve joined Fix Forward,” says Felix. “Even though I come from an accounting background, I wasn’t keeping proper books for my business”. That has now changed. Felix not only keeps detailed books for his business, he also produces a monthly income statement and balance sheet.

He’s also empowered those beneath him and given members of his centre managerial roles so that even in his absence his business will run smoothly.  “My mentor is also helping me to manage my business. They are helping me structure my business and put everything in to context,” says Felix.

“We are now an honest company that is professionally run. Our success story lies in this honesty and punctuality and the way we conduct our business,” says Felix.


You’re in good company