CAPE TOWN – After years successfully refining our tradesman development programme and platform, Fix Forward is proud to announce that we are now able to offer on-site project management services for large projects. With professional project manager Armien Harris at the helm, Fix Forward’s new service aims to help clients minimise risk and ensure that projects are completed on time and in budget. Armien is also able to give advice to the clients and builders, given his extensive building project management experience.

We sat down with Fix Forward’s Joshua Cox and Armien Harris to find out more about this new service.


Joshua Cox, Fix Forward Founder

How did this new change in direction come about?

In talking to our customers we discovered that most people wanting to do renovations have little experience in managing building contractors. If you cannot afford the high fees of a full-time project manager, this can make for a pretty stressful experience! One of the main reasons that people choose to use Fix Forward is because they trust that we will send them a reliable tradesmen who will deliver a great service. Our guarantee on the workmanship gives people real peace of mind. We rarely need to visit clients on site as our tradesmen are on top of things. With bigger projects where other contractors are often involved it does take some extra effort (and expertise!) to ensure that things go smoothly. We can now provide this support to people who cannot afford a project manager.

On what sort of projects will FF be able to offer this service?

We will offer this service, at no additional cost, on all building projects over R30 000.

How will the service work?

Armien, our Performance Manager superstar will visit the site during the quoting stage, where he will be able to give both the client and the builder advice as necessary. Once the quote has been accepted he will meet with the tradesman and client on-site to ensure there is a good project plan in place that is realistic. He will then be on-site to check on the progress once every two weeks, with a telephonic check-in every other week. If there are issues that come up he will be on-site weekly, sometimes even more frequently, to ensure things get back on track.


Armien Harris, Performance Manager

How will this impact Fix Forward’s builders? 

The builders will benefit from the on-site support given by Armien, learning from his experience and sharpening their own project management skills. This aligns perfectly with our mission to help our tradesmen and builders realise their full potential.

Operations Coordinator Armien Harris is responsible for both recruiting tradesmen and mentoring the tradesmen while he oversees the delivering of our e-Learning programme and coaching. In this way, Armien uses his extensive experience to both directly and pass on best practice values in the construction industry. For more on Armien, check out our blog on our E-Learning Program.

What are your goals for this division?

In terms of the builders, our goal here is to bring in larger contracts for them to increase their revenue and help grow their businesses. For the customers the bigger projects carry the highest risks both in terms of stress and financial burden in the event that projects run long and builders disappear before completion. Our goal here it to make the building experience a pleasure for people. Building or improving your home should be more exciting than it is stressful. Our aim is to create that experience for our customers.

Keep an eye out for our next blog Fix Forward Takes on Large Projects – Part 2′ where we’ll chat to a recent client who was one of the first to benefit from the new service.

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