CAPE TOWN – In part one of two in a series focusing on Fix Forward’s entrepreneur development programme, we chat to our Operations Coordinator Armien Harris. A vital part of our business, Armien is responsible for recruiting tradesmen, providing on-site support to clients for larger construction projects, mentoring the tradesmen and overseeing the delivering of our e-Learning programme and coaching. In this post we focus on the latter and find out how Armien uses his extensive experience to pass on best practice values in the construction industry.

FF: Tell us a little about Fix Forward’s educational component?

Fix Forward is a registered enterprise development beneficiary that runs programs to develop grassroots entrepreneurs from low-income areas. We offer mentoring, e-Learning, personal coaching, and workshop sessions all designed to develop our tradesmen’s skill in managing and growing a business.

Our partner tradesmen are all in the construction and renovations industry. When these entrepreneurs succeed, the benefits spread widely throughout their communities as they hire and train more local workers.


Armien Harris

FF: What is the duration of the electronic courses?

The e-learning courses can take anything from a week to a month to complete, depending on the tradesman’s commitment and schedule. The workshops – which run for about 10 months – are based on the curriculum in the e-learning courses so we encourage tradesmen to develop a study plan that best suits their schedule as early as possible. Although the courses and workshops are compulsory, there are a number of different course completion deadlines to allow for flexibility.

FF: What incentives do tradesmen have to complete the course? 

The courses and workshops are required in order for tradesmen to remain on our platform. We strongly believe in education and self-improvement and have developed our educational program on these principles. We are also duty bound to ensure our clients get the service and quality that we guarantee, so constant learning keeps all of our trade professionals at the top of their game!

The courses cover areas such as:

  • Managing Finances
  • Effective Marketing
  • Professional Quoting
  • Project Management
  • Tax and Compliance

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