CAPE TOWN – Following on from Fix Forward’s E-Learning Program: Part 1, in this final post of the mini-series we meet Anack Amini and John Hopley, two tradesmen who have recently completed their e-learning modules and workshops, and chat to them about their experience of the learning material and Fix Forward in general.

Profile #1: Anack Amini (Builder)

FF: How long have you been with Fix Forward?

I’ve been with Fix Forward for one year now. It started out as just me and an apprentice in a broken down bakkie. Now I employ six people and have two company vehicles!

FF: How have the e-learning materials benefitted you?

The courses really helped me to handle my projects and day-to-day business better. I’ve also improved my planning and the way I deal with clients now.

FF: What has been the most valuable thing you learnt?

Learning about project management; the break down and guidelines provided were very useful and still are today!

FF: Has Fix Forward made a difference when it comes to gaining new and returning clients?

Yes! Since joining I have had a lot more of my quotes approved. For example, I recently landed a very large tender in Constantia so I am very happy about my journey here.


Fix Forward success story, Anack Amini

Profile #2: John Hopley (Plumber)

John, an experienced plumber from Athlone, joined us a year ago after being referred from a friend.

FF: What did you find most valuable about the e-learning material?

I learnt how to deal with people and how to have the right approach when things don’t go my way. Furthermore, learning about negotiation has helped me get a lot more of my quotes accepted.

FF: What was the most challenging part of the course for you?

I took a bit of time learning about technology and how to use computers, but now I can confidently say things are running smoothly and you can indeed teach an old dog new tricks!

FF: What are your future goals?

I’d like to give back to my community. There’s a lot of uneducated guys from the streets that have skill and talent but no opportunity. I would really like to develop them.

I currently employ one person full time and it is my purpose to grow that. I know where these guys have been because I was there too and I am so lucky to be given another chance, so I’d like to do the same for them.


John outside Fix Forward HQ

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