#FixForwardFix: Saving Energy This Winter

CAPE TOWN – Conserving energy does not only positively affect your pocket, it benefits the entire planet too. As we head into the winter months, a lot of energy will be used to heat homes and other buildings. Reduce your carbon footprint and save money in the long-run by gradually supplementing your household with these 10 #FixForwardFix energy saving solutions:

1) Manage the energy your geyser consumes – By installing a solar geyser you could save up to 40% on your electricity bill each month. If you don’t have the means for solar right now, you could install a geyser timer to control when your geyser is on and for how long. Quick fixes are installing an insulation blanket to retain the heat, and reducing the temperature on your thermostat to 55c’ or less.

2) Insulate your home properly – You could save up to 20% on your consumption by insulating your house from the roof down. Consider attic or basement insulation to reduce gust winds, duct insulation for any unconditioned spaces, and installing cathedral ceiling insulation allows ceilings to control room temperature and distribute heat evenly around the house.

3) Install energy efficient windows or upgrade existing windows: Although windows provide light, great views and ventilation, sometimes they don’t aid in helping you save energy. Adding storm and window coverings can reduce heat loss but, if you have the budget or you’re about to start construction, we recommend investing in proper design and installation of energy saving double-paned windows. It pays for itself in the long-run!

4) Install water saving tap heads – They’re designed to use up to 40% less hot water. For more water saving tips, check out our #FixForwardFix on Saving Water.

5) Switch to gas stoves and heaters – While natural gas is a lot cheaper, it still impacts the environment. Consider investing in a home solar solution to reduce your carbon footprint by 70%. Or head for an island and just go off the grid completely!

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6) Replace old bulbs with LED – Or set the mood and make use of candles.

7) Switch off all wall appliances – When not in use, unplug your cell and other chargers. And only do full loads of washing!

8) Fix all leaking taps – Chat to us about plumbing.

9) Use motion sensor lights – Chat to one of our electricians about lighting solutions.

10) Be sure to look out for the International Energy Saving label when purchasing appliances.

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