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#FixForwardFix – Weatherproofing Your Home

As the rainy season approaches, a little forward planning can go a long way to preventing any water damage in your home. In the latest of our #FixForwardFix series, we chatted to a Fix Forward carpenter of four years, Linda Madube-Dube, and asked him how he would recommend getting your home ‘water proof’.

About Linda

Linda Madube-Dube was running a small carpentry business before joining Fix Forward, which he saw as an opportunity to uplift his business by learning key management skills. Linda began learning the ins and outs of dealing with clients; managing the financial aspects of the business and many other things which he knew could only make his business better. Since joining us at Fix Forward, Linda says “things have been better – I have more clients and more work. I feel like I am actually getting the full potential out of the work I am putting in by having Fix Forward’s guidance”.

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As the expert in carpentry, Linda knows all too well the importance of weather proofing your home. “When it comes to the rainy season, many people experience the issue of swollen doors and windows. My advice is to first and foremost pick the right wood from the very beginning when building a house – a semi-solid wood for interior doors and a solid wood for exterior doors.” Linda suggests meranti wood for exterior doors, as this is both extremely durable and cost effective. If you’re building a house, your Fix Forward carpenter will be able to advise you as to the best type of wood for your particular build. Ensuring you use the right wood in the building process will save you a lot of hassle in the wet and rainy seasons.

Whether you were able to select your exterior wood or not, chances are that some (or all) of your doors or windows need a coat of varnish. Speak to the expert at your local paint store to ensure you choose the appropriate one. Most will last for a few rainy seasons, so being thorough with the application will mean less maintenance down the line. If your job is a little bigger than your DIY time allows, a Fix Forward painter will make quick work of all your varnish or painting requirements.

Here are a few more ‘Quick Tips’ from Linda for weather proofing your home this rainy season:

  • Clear gutters, drains and driveways to ensure water has clear passage.
  • Install a rainwater capture system if you can. Chat to us about this.
  • Varnish exterior wood (doors, doorframes and windows).
  • Inspect the roof to ensure that there are no obvious leaks. Look for loose tiles or other signs of damage or disruption.

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