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Gamidul – Planting the seed

“What I learnt from Fix Forward is to actually leave my mark and to build something up that you can be proud of” – Gamidul

Life before Fix Forward

Gamidul has been part of Fix Forward for just under two years.  He has gone from what he calls a “fix your plug electrician” who used to catch the taxi with a small bag of borrowed tools, to wiring big buildings.  He is currently on site wiring the soon to be new SASSA head office.

“Before Fix Forward I didn’t have the mindset of building something up so that when I am say in my fifties I can sit there and see this company and say this is something that I built from the ground up.  I never had that mindset.  My mindset was just to come in and do my job.”

Big dreams

With some guidance and mentoring Gamidul has been encouraged to dream bigger and put the plans in place to achieve those dreams. “What I learnt is to build something up that you can be proud of.  I since started my company and registered it.  I also made a website and got my company registered on various boards. So, my biggest takeaway was that Fix Forward planted the seed of Wire Smart. My main goal to be honest is to be one of those companies that you see doing big tenders” says Gamidul.

Gamidul’s favourite Job – finding confidence

“My favourite job is the first big job that I did.  It was before Fix Forward.  It was a complex of twelve apartments, and that was the first time I ever did something big.  When it was finished, I felt so proud of myself.  It’s not my favourite job because everything was smooth sailing, it is my favourite because it broke my fear” says Gamidul.

This job was also the start of Gamidul’s professional business, as it provided him with the necessary Capital.  “I used to borrow tools, but from that job I was able to put money aside and buy myself a drill and the tools that I need. I also got my first vehicle from that job” says Gamidul.

We are excited to watch Gamidul continue to grow, and can’t wait for those big tenders to start rolling in.  He so deserves it, and with some hard work we believe anything is possible.

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