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Godfrey – Opening up possibilities

“For me joining Fix Forward has opened up a lot of things just thinking wise… I really like that their leads are genuine, it’s not like other companies where you are paying for leads but they are fictitious… I can tell you that the people at Fix Forward are really, really genuine people.” – Godfrey

Godfrey is one of our newest contractors to join the team.  He brings with him over twenty years’ experience and we are delighted to have his entrepreneurial spirit and expertise on board.

Before Fix Forward: 20 years working experience

Godfrey specialises in construction and has more than twenty years of experience in this field.  He has pursued many construction-related ventures in his past: one of the most notable being house flipping.  “I would buy second-hand houses, renovate them and sell them for a profit. I enjoyed that very much, and selling the houses was always exciting” says Godfrey. With Godfrey being able to offer the whole package when it comes to construction, we can see why Godfrey was so successful with his house flipping.

Other previous construction-related ventures include working on multi-storey buildings as a contractor for Burman construction and Gritco.  Godfrey says he enjoyed these big projects and found them fulfilling.  However, the buildings were near completion for these companies and Godfrey felt it was time to pursue a new avenue, that came in the form of Fix Forward.

Joining Fix Forward

“For me joining Fix Forward opened up a lot of things” says Godfrey.  “Talking to my coach and mentor that Fix Forward appointed to me helped me realise a lot of things.  There has been a better focus from my side for getting the work I do more formalised.”

Godfrey says how joining Fix Forward has really helped him focus on the administrative side of his business, and notes that he is busy getting his business re-registered.  “There are a lot of things that I am doing, so Fix Forward is helping me with how I can put all of these things together” says Godfrey.  We are excited to walk alongside Godfrey and watch this incredibly skilled man take his business to the next level.

Godfrey’s favourite projects

Whilst Godfrey says he does not have a specific favourite project, he details his love of doing houses from the ground up.  “I like doing complete houses. I don’t have a favourite project – there’s many.  I enjoy a lot of the work that we are doing. I am very innovative I would think, so I enjoy doing things and then looking for solutions where maybe there are problems or difficulties”.

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