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  • General maintenance around the home
  • Quick small repairs and replacements (locks/hinges)

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What clients say about THEIR EXPERIENCE


There comes a time in everyone’s life when your skills in the DIY department are outfaced by the job that needs doing. For some it might be changing a lightbulb or hanging a picture. For others it might be a little more complicated – hanging a door can be tricky or changing a pain of glass can be a chore. Perhaps you have always done your own DIY but suddenly age is catching up with you and you feel a little too precarious on a ladder. Whatever the situation at some point in your life you will almost certainly find yourself needing to hire or contract a handyman to do some jobs for you around the house. The big question of course is, once you have recognised the need to get somebody in, how and where do you find them? Here are a few tips to help you navigate the process and ensure that the person you are hiring is actually up to the job.


Talk to your friends and your social networks and ask for recommendations. A handyman is not a qualification. The reality is that some people are handy and some are not. In asking around you may well find friends or family volunteering to step up and help you with the task at hand. But even if that doesn’t happen you will almost certainly get some recommendations. Find out what sort of work the recommended person did for your friend – and if it’s possible to view the work, make a plan to do so. Sometimes it is not easy to see the quality of the work simply by looking, but you should be able to get an idea of the contractor’s capabilities.


Hiring a handyman means having somebody in your space. So, in getting somebody to work for you make sure that they are the complete package. Talk to them before agreeing anything and make sure that you feel comfortable having them in your home. Are they polite? Do they listen? Are they clean and tidy? How do they treat your pets or your garden? This might sound unnecessary, but the truth is that you want to hire somebody who brings attention to detail and a degree of meticulousness to the job.


At Fix Forward, we specialise in vetting prospective contractors and matching them to the appropriate jobs. We train the people that appear on our site and help equip them to operate as independent contractors. In a world where there are pretenders and fly-by-night operators who make big promises but deliver little, we bring you a list of handymen who have the competencies and experience to do the job that you need doing.


There are different ways of negotiating a rate with a handyman. You can pay them by the hour or you can pay them for a specific job. The latter is often the better way to go because it takes away any risk there might be of the job dragging on for longer than expected. In many instances it may even be to the contractor’s advantage to see the job take longer than planned given that they are being paid an hourly rate. Agree a job rate, however, and they are incentivised to get the job done as swiftly and effectively as possible.

There is a flip side, however, in that it can often be better to get somebody in for a full day. Give them a list,, when they arrive that details all the odd jobs that need sorting and let them work their way through it during the course of the day. This will almost certainly work out cheaper and with less frustration than having to pay for a multitude of small jobs.


A handyman is a generalist not a specialist and you need to bear this in mind when assigning them work. They may well feel up to trying to fix problems that should be the domain of a specialist, but know that if you give them the go ahead that you might be inviting more problems than it is worth. Sure, you don’t need an electrician to wire a plug, or a plumber to plunge a blocked drain, but venture too far down the road that you should be travelling with a speciality contractor and you might find yourself in trouble. A good handyman is a person who knows their limits.


And what of the tools involved? Regardless of what tools you own, a handyman should always supply his own. If he needs to borrow your drill or your pliers, then he likely isn’t really a handyman at all. Your tools are your tools and they are your responsibility. If you lent a drill to your friend and they broke it, you would probably expect them to have it repaired before they returned it. It all becomes quite messy if a handyman breaks or loses something of yours – unless you have agreed it upfront you could find yourself in an awkward position. So, to avoid hassles make sure that they bring their own tools – you will also find that you get much better results when people are using equipment with which they are familiar and comfortable.