Herbert Makamba’s Painting Hits New Heights

CAPE TOWN – One of Fix Forward’s most highly-rated tradesmen, painter Herbert Makamba recently wrapped up work for yet another satisfied client in the Cape Town CBD. We sat down with him recently to find out what’s been happening since we last spoke and to chat about his thriving painting business.

With over 17 years of industry experience, Herbert is our go-to guy for jobs that require a delicate touch. Fix Forward recently received a quote request to have a ceiling skimmed and repainted, from a client residing in an up market apartment in Cape Town CBD, and there was only one man for the job.

When we arrived to meet Herbert on-site he greeted us with pride and welcomed us into his “workspace”. At first glance the ceiling looked pristine, with immaculate lines and a smooth finish. Herbert was still busy with some touch ups along one of the walls, where he had gone the extra mile by re-mounting the TV stand and re-laying the cables when he was done. We pride ourselves on the fact that our tradesmen always go out of their way to ensure client satisfaction!

Before answering a few of our questions, Herbert walked us through the job process and identified the areas he considers when preparing for a new job:

“First I need to carry out an inspection and some research before deciding on the paint selection with the client. After that comes the preparation where we sand, fill any holes and skim uneven surfaces. When the surface is prepared, it’ll need a few coats of primer with plenty of drying time. Then it’s case of applying a few coats of paint and touching up any missed spots.

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Fix Forward: Was there anything that went wrong on this job?

Herbert: “There are always some small bumps on any job of course; this time around I should have been surer about the paint I selected for the touch ups. One of the walls was just a slight bit darker (which I only noticed after application). I let the client know of my mistake but it turns out that he wasn’t aware of it either, the light in the apartment is quite deceiving or maybe it was part of the interior design – I will never stop learning new things.”

Fix Forward: What do you think sets you apart from other painters?

Herbert: “I keep my work spaces tidy, clean and very organised – I think the clients can appreciate that I handle their homes and businesses with extreme caution, and I am pretty good at communicating too. The faster you attend to queries the more profitable your business!

Fix Forward: What’s the largest contract you got through Fix Forward?

Herbert: “It was awhile back, on Fish Hoek Main Road. The job required an extra 8 guys (apart from the 3 I permanently employ) and it took 5 weeks to complete, but now I know I can do any job – no matter the challenge.”

A big thank you to Herbert Makamba for agreeing to chat to us and for the excellent work he and his team are doing!

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