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How the Fix Forward Application Process Works

As the Fix Forward brand continues to go from strength to strength, we’re getting a lot of enquiries from professional tradesmen interested in joining us. Our application assessment is quite the process, so we thought that we’d break it down by answering a few of our most frequently asked questions. If you’ve ever asked “How do I join Fix Forward?”, or know someone who has, then read on…

1. What happens when a referral is received? What is the process thereafter?

We contact the tradesman and ask them to submit three references of clients whom they’ve done work for previously

2. Can you outline the vetting / selection procedure?

i) We call a minimum of three references to check on the quality of work and the reliability of the tradesman.

ii) If their references are good, we invite the tradesman to complete an application form so that we can assess their suitability.

iii) Once we’ve gone over their application form, we call candidates for a one-on-one interview where we find out more about their business and how they deal with clients. At this stage, we also find out whether they work with a regular trusted team or if they use casual roadside labour.

3. How would someone apply themselves? Or can you only be referred?

We do get tradesmen contacting us directly and based on the phone call we are quickly able to assess whether it’s worth conducting reference checks and undergoing screening. Most of the time, the proactive guys who contact directly prove to be reliable and a good fit for Fix Forward.

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4. What tradesmen are in short supply and what do you no longer need more of?

We currently need more tilers, pavers and builders.

5. Once they have been accepted, how do you refer them to work? Is it a first come, first serve basis or how does allocation take place?

We give the bulk of the work, and the biggest jobs, to the best rated tradesmen. This provides an incentive for them to excel and ensures our customers consistently get only the best service. Our allocation process does however ensure that a tradesman with a slightly lower rating (minimum of 7.5 of 10 to stay on the programme) does still get business.

6. What are the benefits of joining Fix Forward for local entrepreneurs? 

First of all, and perhaps most importantly, most tradesmen double their revenue within 6 months of joining Fix Forward so the financial benefit is significant.

Aside from that, we offer amazing opportunities for our tradesmen to upskill themselves and their businesses. All our tradesmen get access to our e-learning platform with 11 entrepreneur development modules that cover everything from marketing and quoting to financial management and customer relations. They also get to participate in monthly group workshops for six months, where they share learnings and experiences with each other on the themes of their training.

Do you know someone who has what it takes? Are their references and skills up to scratch? Contact Us to chat about becoming part of our team!

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