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How to upgrade your granny flat on a budget

Granny flats are rarely a priority when it comes to renovations, and we understand why.  For most families spending large amounts on an area that is rarely used just doesn’t make sense.  Well, what if we told you that you could freshen up your granny flat and get fresher feel on a budget?


Sugar soap the walls 

We often recommend a fresh coat of paint to liven up any space (read more here) – and indeed if that is in budget you will not regret it.  However, a cheaper budget friendly alternative is sugar soap.  Sugar soap is often used for painting prep, but it makes a great cleaning agent too!  It will help cut through stubborn stains, grime and dirt restoring your walls to their former glory.

Replace old fittings

Old plug fittings look, well old.  They often gain a yellow hue with age and accumulate grime.  Switching these out for new fittings is a cheap and effective way to freshen up a room and make it look as though it was just redone.  The same goes for handles – if you have any outdated door handles or cupboard handles it is time to switch those out for something a bit more modern.  Light fittings are another a great cost-effective upgrade, as a well-lit room immediately feels more inviting.  Choosing a more modern fixture will help update your granny flat without breaking the bank.

Paint the burglar bars, and varnish windows 

Older burglar bars often start to show signs of rust, as paint begins to chip away and fade.  Sanding these down and giving them a fresh coat of paint will give that fresh look and feel you are after.  The same goes for window frames – if they’re looking a bit dull and worse for wear, we recommend a new coat of varnish.  Read our newsletter on maintaining wooden window frames for more tips here.

We hope that these tips are helpful, and that they inspire you to tackle some cost-effective DIY.

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