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Indoor Woodworking Projects to Try This Winter

If you somehow hadn’t noticed, winter is fast approaching. But just because you can’t comfortably do your woodworking projects outside anymore, doesn’t mean your DIY projects have to wait until spring! 

Consider tackling some indoor woodworking projects to keep you busy.

Woodworking projects need the right kinds of tools to be done properly. Image is a close up of a hand holding a sanding machine, sanding down a wooden pallet.

Dog Ramp

If you have a puppy or an ageing furry friend, you might have considered adding a dog ramp to your home. Usually for high steps outside, or to your bed or couches. 

Unfortunately, most dog ramps or stairs are bulky and unsightly (unless you’re paying a small fortune for it). But with a few tools and a bit of time, you can make your own collapsible dog ramp that you can store underneath your furniture when it’s not being used!

All you need to do is create a rectangular ramp with some wood. You can cover it with some carpet to give your dog a good grip. Add a hinge to the top and sturdy wooden legs that will prop the ramp up.

Once you’re done constructing the ramp, make sure it’s strong. You don’t want it toppling over while your dog is on it. If you have a larger dog you might need to add some reinforcement to ensure your pup can use the ramp safely.

Five dogs sitting on large outdoor steps, basking in the sun. Three of the dogs are very small and look like they'll struggle to get up or down those steps.

Standing Desk

Work keeps most of us sitting around at our desks too much. And sitting around gets worse in the colder months because it’s so easy to bundle up on the couch or in bed instead of moving around.

A standing desk is a great option to get you off of your chair without interfering with your daily tasks. And they’re super easy to make! The easiest option is to build a collapsible desktop riser that you can add to any table.

For this project, you’ll build an A-stand where the front piece extends farther than the back piece. Friction and gravity will keep all the pieces together.

One of the easiest woodworking projects is a homemade standing desk. Image of a man standing at his standing desk that has two levels, one for his laptop at eye level, and one for his keyboard at waist height.

The base of this piece consists of a trapezoid shape with grooves in it that allows you to adjust the height of your desk. From there you need to create two pieces that fit into the grooves. 

The piece that holds your laptop or screen needs to be wide enough to safely place your device on. The tongue of the piece needs to be able to slide into the grooves of the base piece easily, but also shouldn’t be too loose.

The back piece also needs to be a trapezoid shape with the smaller side having a tongue that can slide into the base piece.

To put everything together the back piece needs to go into one of the lower grooves at the back of the base, this creates an elongated A-stand. The desk piece can then be added into any of the other grooves on the front depending on the height you want.

If you’re unsure how to tackle a standing desk, you can always consider hiring a carpenter to help you with this. 

Person standing in front of their standing desk, reading sheet music from it while they play a saxophone

Storage Options

When it comes to home upgrades you can’t go wrong with adding some storage space. 

Hidden storage options are a great project to tackle, since you generally need to customise these pieces to perfectly fit into your home anyway. Think about the space you have and what items don’t need on display. This helps you determine the type of storage you require. 

For example, if you have a lot of appliances that take up counter space, a hidden appliance cabinet might be the perfect project for you.

Close up of a row of kitchen appliances cluttering counter space. Homemade hidden cabinets are great woodworking projects to clear this clutter.

Odds and Ends

If you routinely do woodworking, chances are you have a lot of scrap wood just lying around. Instead of throwing them away (using them as firewood), consider turning them into small but useful items you can use in your home.

Coasters, cutting boards, screen stands, penholders, and coat hooks are all great ways to use up scrap pieces of wood! Let the amount of wood you have guide which projects you can try. 

Woodworking projects using scrap wood are a great way to find inspiration for smaller pieces. Image of a wooden laptop stand placed on a desk.

Woodworking Projects to Upgrade Your Home

These woodworking projects may seem like small changes, but they all add up! And the fact that you don’t have to wait for the sun to come out again before you can make them is just a bonus. Try out these indoor woodworking projects this winter!

And if you need some help, get in touch with our expert contractors! You can work together to build some great pieces for your home.

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