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Learnmore’s growing business

“Fix Forward pitches up. My mind was opened when I started going there. They really helped me and my business.” – Learnmore, paving contractor.

Learnmore joined Fix Forward in 2013 and has not looked back since.  It has been a fruitful seven years working with this talented and passionate man.  Together, we’ve helped Learnmore grow his painting and renovation business into the success it now is.

“I recommend Fix Forward to everyone, anyone who asks me,” says Learnmore. “They taught me so much and my business is so much better now”.

Life before Fix Forward

“Before Fix Forward I was struggling.   I had a business, but it didn’t have structure – I wasn’t clear on how to run it.  I did not have the correct strategies and all that,” explains Learnmore. “I was just working randomly as it goes.  I was also losing many clients because my quoting was bad.” This all changed when he joined the Fix Forward family.

How to run a professional business

Since joining us back in 2013, Learnmore has seen his business grow and flourish into the successful operation it is today.  He now has a steady stream of happy and satisfied clients and his success has allowed him to employ five other men.

“Since joining Fix Forward I learnt so much.  I learnt how to quote, manage big projects well, and run my business professionally.  I have built up good relationships with my customers, who often use me again,” says Learnmore.

“I now have a schedule and a plan. I feel more secure and comfortable.  Fix Forward has also improved my confidence so much.  I am now confident in myself and my skills,” he says.

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Running a successful and profitable business is by no means an easy task.  Learnmore has worked tirelessly to achieve this goal and we are proud of how far he has come. We have loved seeing him work hard at his dream and reach his goals. It has been rewarding to be a part of his journey for the last seven years.

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