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Lungile: supporting a family

Times are hard.  There’s no doubt about it.  The Covid-19 pandemic has brought with it a host of problems, and employment opportunities are scarcer than ever.  Now picture this: you’re a single mother supporting three children through the pandemic.

About Lungile

This is the reality for Lungile, one of our cleaners.  With two four-year-old twins, and a fourteen-year-old soon to start high school Lungile has a lot on her shoulders.  She shares with us how challenging this has been.  “Supporting my family alone is hard work.  I need to provide food, pay school fees, buy uniform, and so on.  I’ve been unemployed for a while, so I am really struggling, and things are not good,” says Lungile.

Joining The Cleaning Fix.

Despite her incredibly difficult circumstances, Lungile remains optimistic.  “When I heard about The Cleaning Fix I said yes! Joining this platform is at least a step in the right direction,” says Lungile.

Although Lungile has only had one client so far, she’s excited at the prospect of work.  “Things are slow because of Covid, but I am excited and cannot wait to be busy and earning,” says Lungile.

Double impact: a carer for Lungile’s children.

Many of our cleaners are mothers, and one of their biggest challenges is to ensure their kids are taken care of while they earn for the family. Our fee structure includes a contribution towards a child carer to look after the cleaner’s child while they are at work. This means that as the customer, you are supporting not one, but two families!

“When you are working, and you know your child doesn’t have someone to be with you can’t concentrate on your work.  But if I know that I left my child with someone, and they are safe then I can work hard and concentrate.  The thing that sets The Cleaning Fix apart from other platforms is the child carer,” says Lungile.

Support a cleaner.

We have many wonderful cleaners, like Lungile, on our platform for you to choose from.  By booking them you are supporting a family through what is an incredibly tough year.  Book one of our cleaners here and help us make a difference!

You’re in good company