CAPE TOWN – At Fix Forward, we try to ensure all of our office roles are suited best to the employee’s personality, and boy does Charnice have all the personality! Coming from a background of working with NGO’s, coupled with a passion for social work, Charnice has been the perfect fit from day one.

FF: Tell us how you got involved with Fix Forward?

Charnice: During my studies at the Raymond Ackerman Academy at UCT, a facilitator recommended that I take on an internship at Fix Forward. I was truly inspired and motivated by the magic that happens here, so when I was offered a permanent position a year later, I was really happy to accept!

FF: Tell us about your role within the team?

Charnice: The technical term is client services, but it’s so much more. I am here to expose our tradesman to new opportunities, guide them on how to deal with customers and most importantly, I am here hoping to make a difference in people’s lives.


Charnice outside Fix Forward HQ

FF: Could you tell us about a normal day at the office?

Charnice: We’ve recently moved to newer offices which now allows for our workshops and mentor sessions to happen under one hub – which is great for a free flow of information. On a normal day, I spend a lot of time assisting and attending to incoming quotes and working through them with the relevant tradesmen. When a job or quote is finished, I’ll also get together with the tradesman to have a thorough debrief to ensure that any questions, comments or concerns are addressed.

FF: How do you ensure customer satisfaction?

Charnice: Dealing with a client that is not entirely satisfied can sometimes be a challenge, but it is also really rewarding once everything has been resolved. If a client sends through a complaint, the first thing I do is call the tradesman concerned and get his side of the story so that I am as informed as I can be when I respond to the client. When speaking with the client, I’m sure to listen carefully to their issue in order to understand how we can fix it. I remind the client of our stringent selection process and ask that they give the tradesman the chance to correct the mistake, which most clients do. I then inform the tradesman and make sure that he understands where he went wrong so that we avoid repeating mistakes. Once the mistake has been rectified, I do another follow up and ask the client for any feedback they might have so that we can improve our service.

FF: What is the best part about your job?

Charnice: I get to catch up with the guys face to face. It’s really awesome seeing their confidence grow day to day, and then also getting to witness some fantastic achievements!

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