CAPE TOWN –  Fix Forward enjoys a longstanding partnership with several organisations and institutions around the world, and these relationships enable us to share knowledge and expertise with others in the social development sphere. One such organisation is Pangaya, which places students in internship positions all over the world.
Over the years, we have benefitted greatly from several international and local interns who each contribute new energy and fresh insights to the team and the work we do. These individuals assist us with projects and tasks such as marketing analysis, improvements to our entrepreneur development programme and testing our new technology – such as our soon to be launched web application.

Dorea Muller is the latest intern from abroad to join us here at Fix Forward HQ in Cape Town. Dorea is a 26 year old student at the University of Augsburg, Germany and is joining us for three months while she works on the practical application of her academic pursuits. We thought we’d get to know her a little better…

Why did you choose South Africa and Fix Forward for an internship? 

I’m currently busy finishing off my global business management degree and needed to do a three month internship to complete it.  I have traveled to South Africa before and found the history and political system fascinating compared to where I come from in Germany. I’ve always seen myself working in the NPO/NGO industry so Fix Forward was a great choice and I love the fact that it works differently to “pure aid”, which of course is great during a crisis, but I like that it’s a long term approach and more about empowerment than anything else.


Dorea Muller at Fix Forward HQ

How long is the programme and what have you been busy with? 

The internship is three months long and i’ve been here for one month now. The first two weeks revolved a lot around getting to know the systems, learning about the structures and meeting the team and tradesmen. Right now I’m busy doing researching and testing the Fix Forward App.

What is your day-to-day role at Fix Forward?

Normal intern stuff, but I focus mainly on the E-learning courses and assisting with changing or improving the structure.

What do you wish to achieve during your time here? 

I’d like to gain more experience working with NPO’s and learn more about how to run an organisation with independent funding; I think it’s brilliant that Fix Forward is headed this way! I’d also like to get more familiar with South African culture and social dynamics.

What has been the most challenging aspect of your visit so far? 

It has been very challenging to experience real social inequality around every corner – sometimes you can feel the tension. That’s why it has been so amazing to see a company work so hard to try and change that.

On the other side of the coin, what has been the most inspiring? 

I’ve gotten to witness the hunger to achieve something in life regardless of how bumpy the road has been – these guys have a willingness to never give up and it’s truly inspirational!

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