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If you know a great tradesman, refer them to us so that we can help their business grow.

The tradesman or tradeswoman must have done some work at your home, or that of a friend. Part of our screening process is to assess their workmanship on-site.

For them to qualify for selection, they need to meet the following criteria:
  • I am a specialist in my trade
  • I am comfortable dealing with clients, particularly if problems arise
  • I don't require any supervision and can give clients advice
  • I can provide at least three (3) references from previous clients for whom I've worked and am happy for you to contact them
  • I have all the basic tools necessary and can access any specialist tools I require for my trade
  • I have my own cell phone and am always easy to contact
  • I can go to sites around Cape Town and surrounding suburbs
  • I have access to reliable transport to get my team and equipment to the job-site without a hitch
  • I have the necessary official papers to work legally in South Africa (for foreign nationals)
  • I come from a low-income area in the Western Cape

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