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Mothers In Need: meet one of the moms

The response to our Mothers In Need campaign (www.fixforward.com/mothers-in-need)  has been incredible! In just 10 days we have raised over R75 000 – over and above the R120 000 we put in at Fix Forward. These funds will allow us to support 81 mothers who are undocumented migrants or asylum seekers. We are honoured to be able to support these strong women through part of their journey of motherhood.

Of course, there are still many more mothers who need help. Pregnant refugees and those with newborns are unable to work in these difficult times, and don’t receive any aid from the government. With your help, we can expand our reach to help even more mothers in need.

Meet Martha

Martha is the mother of 1-year old twins, Aaron and Moses.  She explained to us that she has been struggling without the support of her family back in Malawi.  “I hope this group can be my new family now,” she said, after meeting the seven other women who form the newest group of mothers supported by The Zoe Project.

“I am very excited about The Zoe Project.  I see that this group is going to help me,” says Martha.

“I was really struggling.  It’s not easy to find everything for myself… The food voucher is going to help me.  I can now buy nappies and porridge for the babies.”

Supporting more moms like Martha

As the campaign grows, we look forward to supporting more mothers. Thousands of pregnant women and mothers of newborns don’t qualify for any support from the state because they are undocumented migrants or asylum seekers. These women are some of the most vulnerable in our society, and we feel we have a duty to help them. To get involved or contribute please visit https://fixforward.com/mothers-in-need

Just R400 a month can feed a mother and her child. Every bit helps! Thank you.

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