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Renovating the building industry, one home pro at a time.

The inspiration behind
this Social Enterprise

“The inspiration to start Fix Forward came after I helped Simon, a friend from Diepsloot township,” explains Josh. “He runs a small business doing building renovations and asked me to write him a reference letter and make business cards for him. These simple tools, and the added credibility, enabled him to secure significantly more clients. I realised that similar support given to other home pros could have a real impact.”

Josh Cox

CEO & Founder

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Why use Fix Forward?

Driven by genuine social purpose, we are committed to changing lives through building a trustworthy community of expert home pros. By building into home pro businesses, we believe that they can offer a better overall service to their clients.

Client Satisfaction

Home pros are mentored and trained in customer service to ensure that all jobs run smoothly and clients are put first in their projects.

Excellent Quality

The home pros we train are experienced in their fields and work hard to ensure that jobs are completed on time, within budget and to the highest possible standard.


Our loyal relationships with home pros and great customer reviews help keep our home pros responsible and accountable.

Affordable Quotes

You get multiple quotes from your chosen home pros to compare and help you and the home pro arrive at a fair price for each job.

Supporting our home pros to develop and thrive


Small group workshops create an environment where home pros are exposed to industry-related learning content. The nature of the workshops is highly practical, with a view to the home pros gaining skills and information that can immediately be applied to help grow their business.


The home pros meet with a professional coach on a monthly basis, to unlock their potential to overcome obstacles and challenges in their personal and professional lives.


We pair our home pros with an experienced business mentor. The mentor assesses their business in detail during their monthly face-to-face sessions and provides insights and advice on areas for improvement.


What clients say about our home pros

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