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Painted Wall Murals in Your Home: Pros and Cons

You’ve definitely seen painted wall murals on outdoor walls, but have you ever considered them inside your home? They’re something completely personal, and different from your typical interior decor. 

Even if you’d love to try one, they can be intimidating when you don’t know where to start. Most people assume it’s out of their ability, and move on to other ideas. 

If you’re considering a painted mural for your home, keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of this.

Outdoor painted wall mural depicting a sun rising over a hill, with the words "Looking pretty, music city" written in the sun.

Pro: It’s Unique

The beauty of painted wall murals is that they’re one of a kind. Even if you’re copying a picture from the internet, painted art on a wall is never going to be a perfect replica. And that’s part of its charm!

If you’ve got children, you might want to consider painting a scene from a fairytale onto their walls. Or you might want a family tree decal as part of your living room. Whatever your imagination wants, you can do.

Your ideas aren’t even limited to inside! While outdoor painted wall murals won’t last as long without touch-ups, they’re also the perfect canvas to get creative with. If you want to try somewhere less personal before painting inside, consider trialling a mural on your house’s exterior walls or the boundary walls in your garden. 

Artist standing on a ladder painting an indoor wall mural of a woman's face, mainly with green, blue, yellow and orange paints.

Con: Expensive to Commission

If you’re wanting an intricate and flawless wall mural, you’re probably going to want to hire a professional mural artist. But this doesn’t come cheap. 

Mural artists use the best materials and put a lot of planning and time into your wall murals. While this means you’ll get a gorgeous piece of art at the end, it also means  you’re going to pay for that premium service. 

If you’re not confident in your own artistic abilities but you absolutely want something intricate and flawless, then you’re going to have to spend a lot of money to get the painted wall mural you’re dreaming of. 

Artists' studio where each wall has a painted mural in a completely different style

Pro: Easier to DIY Than You Think

While a lot of people are scared of trying painting wall murals, this fear is usually misplaced. Like any piece of art, you can break it down into simpler steps. The key is planning and taking your time. 

Make sure you’re brushed up on how to paint a wall. Get your base colour down, then start your outline. A helpful tip is to hire a small projector to project your desired mural onto the wall; this will save you a lot of time. 

From there, just fill in your outlines accordingly. Make sure to take your time and check how it’s looking as you go. Trust the process, and you should get what you’re after. 

If this is your first painted wall mural and you’re worried about your ability, the trick is to avoid biting off more than you can chew. Stick with a simple design that you can add to if you gain confidence through the experience, rather than trying something and panicking or giving up halfway through. 

birds eye view of several paint buckets with open lids, and a person's hand dipping a paint brush into one of the tubs of paint

Con: Easier Alternatives

While painted wall murals are impressive, they aren’t easy to maintain. The paints used in them make them harder to clean, and they sometimes fade faster than regular wall paint. 

If you’re hesitant about the upkeep, you can get wall murals through other means. While they’re expensive, vinyl wall murals are much easier to maintain. Depending on the design, you might find wallpaper options that work similarly enough, but are less effort to apply or maintain. 

However, these easy-upkeep alternatives are usually more expensive. 

Living room with a vinyl mural of big leafy plants and birds on the wall

Pro: Easy to Replace

Unlike most other large decorative pieces, if you decide you want to redo or replace your painted wall murals, it hardly requires any effort to do so. 

Depending on your design, you might need some paint stripper to remove it first. Otherwise, you can go straight to covering the design with a few coats of a different paint. From there, you can choose a new colour or start a new mural. 

While painted wall murals do take more time and care to create, they also allow more artistic freedom than most other decor methods. 

Artist on a ladder painting a mural in black and white

Pros and Cons of a Painted Wall Murals

Now that you’ve got some more information about the pros and cons of painted wall murals, you can consider how one might work in your home. They give a lot of artistic freedom, they’re completely unique, and they’re easier to DIY than you expect. 

Make sure you’ve got the perfect blank canvas by hiring one of our expert painters to help you out. 

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