Cape Town – We are proud to announce that Fix Forward began working with Pam Golding Property Management Services in November of last year.  Appointed to take care of the plumbing needs of the 190+ properties that Pam Golding manages in the Western Cape, we are thrilled to work with such a prestigious client and look forward to a fruitful relationship for both us and our entrepreneurs.

In a little over a few months, one of Fix Forward’s plumbers has already completed around ten contracts for them thus far – doing everything from fixing leaks to replacing geysers. We chatted to Jonathon about the experience of working with one of South Africa’s top property firms…

Thank you for chatting to us Jonathon! How has the experience of working with the Pam Golding Group been so far?

Well firstly I must say I was a little overawed by the sheer scale of their portfolio and was worried I wouldn’t know which property was which! After I had familiarised myself with the various sites, I felt a lot more confident and ready to tackle the job.

I have really enjoyed the experience of working with one client over multiple sites. Since we began near the start of the holidays, I’ve worked on a wide variety of maintenance jobs and that’s what I prefer! The increased client interaction is also something I really enjoy.


Pam Golding Fix Forward Cape Town

A property in the Pam Golding portfolio.

What do you think the partnership with Pam Golding means for Fix Forward?

The partnership with Pam Golding represents a massive boost for Fix Forward. The partnership is going to be helpful to both companies, as Fix Forward will get great exposure and experience while the client will get quality service and the best out of their properties. It is really significant that a company as reputable and established as Pam Golding has chosen to work with Fix Forward as it displays a lot of trust in our abilities, and other companies and individuals will take note of that.

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Fix Forward Plumbing

A Fix Forward kitchen installation.

How does the partnership with Pam Golding impact you and your business?

Let me just say that Fix Forward has already had a massive impact on my business, my life and my family. Having come through the Fix Forward training programme has benefitted me greatly as it provides a reference of trust similar to word of mouth. Working with Pam Golding has taught him a lot – especially with quoting and how to handle respective client call outs.

It’s not just Jonathon who is enjoying working with Pam Golding; Mike Howard of Pam Golding Property Management Services had this to say about Jonathon:

“He is proving so far to be great, and the people like his demeanour.”

Keep up the good work Jonathon and thank you to Pam Golding for the opportunity! Contact Us to learn more about our services.

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