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Paving Ideas to Take Your Garden to the Next Level

When it comes to home improvements, so much attention gets put into the house itself. But good landscaping can make a huge difference to the feel of your home! One of the best ways to elevate your landscaping is through paving. 

Paving stones come in a variety of shapes, textures, and sizes. With a bit of creativity, the possibilities of what you can do are endless!

Accent Pieces

Sometimes when people think of paving, they think of losing the whole garden to bricks. But this doesn’t have to be the case at all! In fact, paving doesn’t even need to be a solid feature of your garden; it works well as an accent feature. 

Add depth to grassy patches in your garden with big paving stones creating a path through them. This way, you don’t lose the greenery of your grass, and you’re able to make your garden more dynamic.

Create Patterns with Paving Stones

There are two ways you can use paving to create patterns. The first is to use different colours of the same stones, and lay them to create a pattern. This is a simple and easy way to elevate your garden space. 

However, it does limit you in your paving options since you need something that comes in multiple colours. Your best option for this will usually be small, square cobblestones.

The second way you can create patterns is with longer geometric shapes like rectangles. In this case, all the paving stones are the same, but you pave them in a way that creates a pattern. This is a subtle way to bring some texture into your garden without taking the spotlight from the garden itself. 

Solid Paving

If your garden brings stress to your life because you don’t have time or money for its upkeep, then completely paving over it might be your best bet. Paving is a great option to create more space, like a driveway. 

For some pops of colour you can add some outdoor pot plants to keep the space looking fresh. 


A simple way to create a dynamic space in your garden is with contrasting paving stones. Pairing contrasting colours or different size paving stones is an easy way to divide the space of your garden. 

If you’ve got a path through your garden and want to separate it from decorative spaces, then this choice will work well for you.

Use These Paving Ideas for Your Garden

Paving is a great way to refresh your garden, and you’ve got loads of options to choose from. Whether it’s creating patterns, adding accents, or paving your garden completely, you can create the space that feels right to you. These are just some of the many paving ideas for you to choose from. 

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