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Hiring a plumber – how to find the right fit for the job

For many people calling a plumber is something that only happens in an emergency. A burst pipe, or a dodgy geyser are the type of crisis most homeowners are familiar with on some level. But plumbing is not always about emergencies – and even when it is, you should have your person who you know and can call. The last thing you want to be doing in an emergency is relying on Google or The Yellow Pages to deliver you a plumbing angel. So how do you find the right person? How do you differentiate between the real deal and a man with a plunger? Here are a few key tips to help ensure that you are not left stranded up the proverbial creek.

check track record

Plumbing is not always a very glamorous profession. When you hire a person to take your place completing a job that is elbows deep in blocked drains and malfunctioning sewer pipes almost anyone is prepared to give a good reference. But beware, the ‘rather him than me’ reference doesn’t necessarily mean that the plumber did a good job – it simply means that they saved somebody else from a smelly job. So be discerning when looking into the plumber’s record. Look for multiple references that you get correspond to the type of job that needs to be done. In other words, if you need to plumb your new kitchen, a guy who got a glowing reference for unblocking a toilet might not be the best fit. Ask around and if possible go and have a look at the work that the plumber has done elsewhere. Did they finish things nicely? Did they work well with the other contractors? Were there any issues with the work they did? 

Get the right person for the job

To the uninitiated a problem with electricity requires an electrician. This is true. But in the same way that a sick human needs a doctor, you need to know when a specialist is preferred. You would not ask a dentist to look at your sore throat or a psychiatrist to assess your broken leg. In just such a way it is important to recognize that the spectrum of electrical work is varied. A faulty appliance will almost certainly not be fixed by a person who specializes in electrical installations on construction sites. You will have solar experts and people who specialize in making service calls. The important thing is to recognize your need and ask accordingly.

But to continue the analogy with doctors, many issues in the human body start with a first port of call as the General Practitioner. If you have a guy you trust for service calls he may well be a good starting point for all other electrical issues – ask him for advice and to steer you in eth right direction if he is not able to help you.

Use the internet

Go online and do a bit of research. The internet offers a wealth of resources, some subjective and some more objective. If you are going to look at sites like Hellopeter or Facebook, remember that consumers are far more likely to comment on work they are unhappy with, rather than work they liked. So, you will often find reputable contractors with some bad reviews. Obviously you will also find bad contractors with bad reviews. Usually the number of bad reviews translates into two things – the size of the company and the quality if the work.

But there are also objective online platforms like us at FixForward whose goal is to take some of the pain out of finding the right person. Platforms like ours vet contractors. They make sure that the person is capable of doing what they say they will. It is an endorsement of skill compiled by people who know the industry and who are willing to stake their reputation on recommending the right plumber. It’s not infallible but we are confident that we have developed a great resource and starting point to help you with your quest.

Get multiple referrals

The adage that one swallow doesn’t make a summer is never more true than when it comes to hiring a plumber. Everyone has done at least one good job once. So getting a positive reference shouldn’t be too hard for a plumber to obtain. Look to obtain multiple references – and also make sure that they are recent. Sure, doing a stellar job five years ago speaks to longevity in the industry and quality if work, but surely there are more recent jobs that you can check on as well? Remember that if plumbing goes wrong you will be landed with a flood and that is something you need to avoid at all costs – you really cannot be to thorough in your vetting process – especially if it is a big job.

The best referrals are ones that come from people you know – preferably people who know a bit a DIY and contracting work. You will know which of your friends and contacts are more practical than others and they should be your go-to people when sourcing a reference. In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king, so make sure that you don’t get your referrals from people whose sole knowledge of plumbing is that when they flush the toilet water comes out and the bowl ends up clean.

Look for attention to detail

They call them ‘soft skills’ and they have nothing to do with a person’s ability as a plumber, they speak more to what type of person the proposed contractor is. Are they polite? Did they park in the appropriate place? How did they react to you children, staff or pets? In short, are they the type of person or people that you would feel comfortable working with? And sure, anyone can do a job, it doesn’t matter how they are as a person, but it is these soft skills that speak to things like attention to detail and client relations. You want somebody who cares, to do the job; somebody who you can talk to politely and effectively in the event that there are complications; a person who understands that this isn’t just a job but an intersection with your life.

 And who will do the actual work? Many plumbers look to hire other plumbers to come and work for them. It can be a great way to build a business but what it does mean is that the people doing the work are often a little less invested in the job than they would be if they were the actual company owner. This is not a deal breaker, but it is always worth looking into – so often the quality of work, the focus and dedication to the job is that much better if the business owner is actually involved in the job. No, he doesn’t need to do everything and yes, of course he can have a team of helpers, but if he is on site and involved, you can almost bet on the fact that there will be fewer complications or issues when the work is finally concluded.