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Project update: Fungai’s dreamy bathroom

What do you get when you mix artisanal faucets, boho accessories, a luxurious Victorian bathtub and mosaic wall tiles?  The dreamiest bathroom imaginable is the answer!  One of our expert contractors, Fungai, just finished this masterpiece of a bathroom.  It’s safe to say we love it.

Client satisfaction:

We aren’t the only ones who love it. Perhaps more importantly, Fungai’s client is blown away with his project.  He has loved watching Fungai execute his vision so perfectly and is excited to have this gorgeous bathroom come to life. Fungai’s attention to detail shines through in any project he does, and this one has been no exception.

“It was an absolute pleasure having Fungai on site. He has great people skills, communicates well, and is obviously someone who takes pride in his work,” says Peter, Fungai’s client.

“I always aim for 100% satisfaction,” explains Fungai, “even if it means I have to work a bit harder. Word of mouth is the best way to get business, so it helps my business if my clients are happy.”


“I have been plumbing for more than ten years now, so it is something I know inside out,” says Fungai.  Like all our

contractors, Fungai has also attended our training and development workshops, which he said was 100% useful. “Most things you think you know, but you really don’t. You need to be educated and I learned a lot there… I feel privileged,” says Fungai.

And his expertise and experience shines through in this project.  Aside from the functional plumbing, that works well, Fungai has turned aspects of the plumbing into an attraction in its own right.

One of our favourite features of this bathroom are the steampunk-esq faucets. Fungai designed and built these artisanal faucets for his client himself.  They instantly enhance the eclectic feeling of the space, and elevate the plumbing to a work of art.   They are a case in point of Fungai’s attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile for his clients.

Mosaic wall tiles

Another feature we love about this bathroom are the mosaic wall tiles.  White tiles and dark grout are no easy feat, as any experienced tiler will know.  They easily look messy, and smudges can look very ugly.  Again, Fungai’s years of experience and attention to detail resulted in an amazingly executed job.

We are happy to see Fungai flourishing at Fix Forward and are honoured to have such a skilled contractor under our roof.  Book Fungai or another contractor here and turn your dreams into reality.

You’re in good company